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Answers To Seven Top Health Myths - Articles Surfing

1) If I become unhealthy, there is a chemical that can cure me.

Your unhealthy signs are symptoms. High cholesterols, high blood pressure, cancers, and many diseases can be reduced with a chemical, or surgical protocol. But the underlying reason behind these symptoms may or may not be removed, and the 'cure' may cause new problems of it's own. A full, healthy lifestyle will eventually reduce many symptoms.

2) I have been educated on how to eat and exercise properly by an authoritative group.

The diets endorsed by many associations rarely reduce blood pressure or cholesterol. Don't forget that these groups often share management and receive funding from pharmaceutical giants. These groups stand to gain significantly from every person for whom these diets 'fail'. While a basic, nourishing diet can exist, you may not find it in a 'health' association's handbook. Our education on exercise has been inspired by trendy science and is rarely absolutely effective.

3) A healthy lifestyle will be too hard to live by or be too expensive.

Living healthy is easy. You live with less stress, more energy, greater happiness, and greater personal power. You also save yourself from hundreds of hours in doctors offices, from weeks at a time in hospitals, from chronic addiction to expensive pharmaceuticals, and from reliance on a 'good' insurance plan to cover the cost of very expensive pharmaceuticals.

4) A person is bound to become reliant upon pharmaceuticals and surgery as they age.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a simple rule, the longer you can maintain your own health, the longer you can live. You should learn about different surgeries and the steps you can take to avoid them, even if you have already been scheduled for one. Find out what is necessary to maintain your physiology in such a way not to become addicted to pharmaceuticals in the autumn of your years.

5) Our elderly have medicine and surgery to thank for their longevity.

True, an ill person can be continuously administered antibiotics, have their organs removed as they become ill, and be kept alive by machines for years, but this is not "living" and is not the goal of those who seek longevity. The longest living persons are usually not found in the Western World, home of medicine and surgery, at all. Western man's lifespan and lifestyle has improved tremendously with the availability of clean water, municipalities focused on cleanliness, and improved regulations concerning the production and distribution of our foods, but we are still not blessed with true longevity, and do not, as a rule, master a lifestyle of vigor and passion until our final days.

6) There are no simple rules to healthy living as the rules change all the time.

Fads change all the time. Prescription drugs change all the time. Exercise trends change all the time. If these 'pop' movements within health topics were satisfying the demand they are meant to satisfy, they would all still be with us. The age-old paths to proper health are not sexy; they are not easily crammed into a single video, and cannot be sold with a gizmo. But age-old tried and true systems are the truth, they will satisfy your every demand for a health care system, and will ease the fears you have over what control you have over your own body.

7) I know enough about the subject of health to figure it out on my own.

It is true that you are the master of your own destiny, but your education in health is not likely as complete as you believe. The media, health programs, health 'supplement' gurus, and even college and university programs in health tend to overstress the chemical nature of our body. Also, diseases tend to be determined by a chemical analysis of our body, and traced back to an organ, or given a diagnosis that is nothing more than a re-hashing of the symptoms.

Submitted by:

Dr. Bryan Brodeur

Dr. Bryan Brodeur is the owner of VitalityHouse, and the author of Vitalism, a health and fitness web site and e-book. http://www.vitalityhouse.com/health.htm



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