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One of the inevitable facts of life is getting old; associated with it are the signs: getting age spots, too many wrinkles appearing on the forehead, white hairs and many other telltale signs that one does not want to imagine when they reach another year in life * looking old and feeling wasted!

With the onset of technology, ageing is not only slowed down, it is defied. Too good to be true isn*t it? Before getting into the bottom of the power of the new and modernized ways that have now become prominent in the lifestyle of many, let's talk about the cause of getting older and looking wrinkly.

Of course, everybody celebrates his birthday every year and that means nobody gets any younger, nobody! And the chosen lifestyle one prefers, also counts. Let's say about the kind of food one eats. This one prefers vegetables and the other loves eating all kinds of meat. Who would you think grows old first?

Also, one of the great contributing factors of aging is free radicals. And what are these so called free radicals? According to Dr. Denham Harmon, who became famous in developing the *free radical concept of aging*, an atoms* nucleus is surrounded by clouds of electrons and they go in pairs. Infrequently, an atom loses its electron and may leave the other electron unpaired. When this happens, the atom is now called a free radical. This free radical is very reactive, once it encounters a healthy living cell, it will destroy it. These free radicals normally arise during metabolism, sometimes on purpose created by an organisms* immune system to counteract bacteria and viruses which attacks the inner environment. On the other hand, environmental factors may also generate free radicals such as radiation, pollution, and cigarette smoke. Continuously, a cell produces radicals; its incessant damage in the long run kills the cell. Sufficient cell damage in any life form contributes to its aging.

Anti-aging has become one of the great concerns of many, since nobody wants to look old anyway. Perhaps, one may agree to the thought of getting older and wiser. And perhaps, as one gets wiser too, considering new ways to combat this aging dilemma could be a great idea.

Going back to the advances of these modern times, aging can be defied, thought by some and proven by whom? But the question is simply how? Anti-aging therapies are now soaring the market. Some opt for surgery to hide the obscure effects of aging. While some prefer to go with a less vain option, mull over the use of antioxidants and supplements. These are available in the market in the form of pill but its effects may vary according to prices. And that also goes with surgery, but one must be wise enough to think better of safety to consider these options. Since aging process is not yet fully understood and to undo its effects pose question to scientists still.

The best way to undo the spell of aging is getting back to the basics; the basics which are forgotten by many and are given less importance. And what are the basics? The much simpler and effective ways with no contradictions earned!

Eating a wide-ranging diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercising everyday, maintaining a healthy weight, and quitting smoke if you are, and avoiding second hand smoke possibly. The use of sunscreens to prevent damaging effects to too much exposure to sun is also helpful. One should also consider medical screenings for diseases and appropriate medical measures when getting injuries.

Also, maintaining close ties with family and friends could help a lot to combat aging. Don*t ever give a second thought about an everyday smile; a smile greatly enhances positive vibrations. Thus, keeping wrinkles away from your face without any waste of a single cent.

Anti-aging? Stop bothering yourself now, go for the trusted ways, simpler yet wiser. Cost you not too much but are more substantial than you could ever think of, which only proves that getting older is also getting wiser! What do you think?

Submitted by:

Markus Skupeika

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