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Can You Sleep Too Much And Hypoglycemia - Articles Surfing

People can eat too much, they can drink too much water or they can exercise too much. The reason that they cannot sleep too much is because they cannot control when they sleep. The body only sleeps when it needs to. You can try to sleep for 20 hours, but you cannot, unless your body needs to sleep that long. Some people need to sleep 24 hours a day. This is called a coma. A guy was in a car accident and went into a coma for 3 months. That was many years ago, but he functions almost normally now. Some people are depressed and will sleep 12 hours per day.

Many people will wake up after sleeping and feel fine. Then they will go back to sleep and later wake up and be feeling awful. Then they think that they slept too much or too long. This is similar to when you stop smoking. Even though you feel really awful, it is good for you. Hypoglycemia (why I am I changing the subject) is actually rare. Many people will go all day without food and feel dizzy, sick, light headed and they imagine that their blood sugar has dropped too low. But this is not what is happening. When your body goes too long without food, it goes into a fasting mode. Some will say that it goes into a starvation mode but this does not happen until after the body has been in the fasting mode for about a month.

When in the fasting mode, your body is getting rid of toxins at a rapid rate similar to when you stop smoking or stop taking heroin. Some who stop taking heroin at one time, can die. It is common for someone to have those above symptoms when in the fasting mode. This happens when you go all day without eating any food and also when you sleep more than usual. Sleeping speeds up this fasting mode. When you stop your fast, it is called breaking your fast. You fast everyday and break it when you eat break-fast (pronounced brek-fist).

I told this to a woman who said that she cannot fast because she has hypoglycemia. I told her that when the body goes into a fasting mode, the tongue gets coated. She went all day without food and got those symptoms that she thought was hypoglycemia. She looked in the mirror and saw that her tongue was coated so she knew that what I said was right. So she wrote me to let me know that I really know what I am talking about. The way to cure your withdrawal symptoms from smoking is to continue without smoking.

The way to cure this problem with sleep or going all day without food, is with fasting. I used to have that problem with feeling bad after going all day without food. Now, I can go weeks without food and I feel fine. Even though it feels bad, this is good for you when you get plenty of sleep. Many people think that sleeping is waste of time. It is not a waste of time. Very important things happen when you are asleep. It is hard to understand this when you do not get the big picture.

The small picture is that you have better things to do. The big picture is that someday you will die and not be able to do anything in the physical world. When you are in deep sleep, you visit that non-physical world that you are in all the time, but you are not aware of it. It is very similar to the place you go when you die. A sleeping person looks like they are dead, but the difference is that they will wake up. Since sleep cannot be controlled, most Americans have problems sleeping. They have to do things to let go of their stress so sleep can just happen. It is something that you cannot control, which is why you cannot do it too much.

If you have trouble sleeping you may want to give up things with caffeine in it. You can try drinking Rooibos tea before going to sleep since this tea helps you to go to sleep. You can try getting exercise (like yoga) during the day, but not right before going to sleep. You can try things that are relaxing like reading, meditation or listening to music.

Copyright 2007 by Chuck Bluestein www.phifoundation.org

Submitted by:

C. Bluestein

Chuck Bluestein is a nutritionist, herbalist and an expert on fasting. His website has information on colds and flus, Weight Loss, weight loss strategies, healthy diet, fasting, depression self help and being happier.



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