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Kidneys are important organic for everybody. Kidneys* shapes are like two beans and size of kidney is same as own fists. Kidneys are located near the middle of back which is below the rib cage. Inside each kidney is consisting of a million tiny structures called nephrons filter blood. These filters remove waste products and extra water, which become urine. Damage to the nephrons results in kidney or renal disease. This damage may leave kidneys unable to remove wastes. Usually the damage occurs slowly over years.

The renal disease has no obvious symptoms so that many people who have renal disease usually do not realize there are some problems or renal disease with their kidneys. Thus if there are some symptoms for renal disease, it is too hard to identify that they are renal disease as it is seem like you have compound of disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes. It is important to check up your physical if you have signs or risk factor of renal disease.

We will mention some renal disease signs that you can observe yourself. Urine change is a significant renal disease signs and other kidneys problem. The changes in urine you should concern such as finding blood or protein in the urine or starting to make very little urine.

As there are very few nerves that sense pain in the kidney. So it does not cause pain or discomfort if you have kidney problem or rental disease. Nevertheless, the time when there is pain, it comes from elsewhere in the urinary tract system surrounding the kidney so that you should also have a medical check up for rental disease.

The body accumulation means body has too much salt and fluid. This can be a sign of renal disease. Because too much salt and fluid means, the kidneys can not control fluid in body. This sign can also identify lead to high blood pressure and swelling.

Renal disease dose not show clear singe of the disease so you, fortunately, can also check if you have renal disease risk factors as renal disease risk factor make it more likely that a disease will develop later. There are some risk factors, like age or family history that you cannot control. But you can control other risk factors, and perhaps slow down or even prevent some diseases. For instance, controlling blood pressure and your blood sugar may help your kidneys work longer.

First renal disease risk factor is Diabetes. Almost 40% of new renal disease patients have diabetes, making it the fastest growing risk factor for kidney disease. High blood pressure or hypertension puts more stress on blood vessels throughout the body, including the kidney filters (nephrons). Hypertension is the number two cause of renal disease.

Blood blockages by cholesterol can block the kidney's blood vessels can reduce blood flow to the kidney and cause damage. Repeated kidney stones can block the flow of urine from the kidney and are another kind of obstruction that can lead to renal disease as well. Certain illnesses, like glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the filtering units of the kidneys), can damage the kidneys, sometimes enough to cause renal disease. Some glomerulonephritis is inherited, and some may be an immune response to infections like strep throat.

There are much more factors can lead you to be renal disease. However, renal disease does not have to happen to you, if you have good blood pressure and blood sugar control can help prevent it. So you should keep healthy lifestyle in reducing the risk of renal disease.

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Kritnaphat N.

Health Care



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