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Reading Glasses And Your Eyes After 40

You should not be disturbed or aggravated when the time comes that you need reading glasses. It is a natural progression of life that each and every one of us goes through.

The condition is called presbyopia (pronounced prez-bee-oh-pee-a)and is the result of an ever growing lens inside our eyes. Throughout life, this lens slowly becomes larger and more dense. Right around the young ago of 40, this lens becomes so thick it has difficulty flexing the way it used to.

Why does this create an issue? that same lens is the one that has been responsible for adjusting focus from distance to near vision. So once it loses its ability to bend, it no longer does the focusing we are accustomed to.

Theories are still out whether presbyopia is caused by the thickening of the lens itself or if the muscles around the lens grow tired and can no longer flex enough.

For most of us, the reasoning does not matter. What does matter is that reading up close has become a chore rather than a relaxing pleasure.

So what can you do about it? for starters, accept it. you are not the first person to deal with presbyopia, nor will you be the last.

The next thing to do is embrace the fact that you live in a time where fashion, function, and finances have come together to bring you you fun, comfortable, and affordable reading glasses.

What should you look for in a reading glass? if you are new to readers, buy a low power like +1.00. Over the counter glasses are available in powers ranging from +1.00 to +3.00. The higher the number, the higher the magnification. No need to use extra magnification if you don't need it.

As far as style, have fun. they are affordable enough and you will have so many over the years that you will find your own style in time. For starters, get a pair you will be comfortable wearing. Get used to using and wearing them. This way you can comfortably define your style in due time.

Submitted by:

Suzanne Hughes

Suzanne Hughes brings you a fine selection of reading glasses as well as style tips and advice. Brought to you by http://www.readinstyle.com a reading glasses boutique.


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