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Restore Youthful Glowing Skin With Adequate Water - Articles Surfing

As you grow older, your skin undergoes many changes. There are several factors that can be responsible for the changes in your skin; some may be hereditary, while others may be acquired through exposure to natural elements and pollution. But no matter what factor caused these changes, the end result may not always bring about a smile on your face.

It would have been easier if everyone can just accept with open arms all the effects of aging and exposure to the elements. But society's concept of beauty and health can be brutally focused on one's outer appearance which includes spotless glowing skin. In this regard, skin rejuvenation has become a common means of restoring youthful appearance.

But the foundation of having healthy skin is deceptively easy and within everybody's reach. Beauty and skin experts have repeatedly stressed that water is key to attaining healthy glowing skin. This so called water therapy for your skin works on the principle that cells in the body, which includes the ones found in your skin, can only perform their tasks optimally if they are fully supplied with water; while total lack of hydration may damage the cells and jumpstart the process of aging as tissues become impaired.

Foremost examples of skin damage brought about by lack of water are having dry skin and the development of wrinkles. Many problems which lead to the deterioration of the skin, especially on the face area, can be counteracted if only you have adequately hydrated your cells. But apparently, the simple duty of ensuring that sufficient amount of water is taken in by the cells can be easily overlooked.

Hydrating the cells goes more than just drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. In fact, the drinking part is only the first step in providing your cells with adequate hydration. The real function that you need to guarantee is about distributing and keeping as much water as possible in all the cells so they can continue to work at their peak.

According to Dr. Howard Murad, a pioneer in the study about the link between water and skin care, the aging process is a direct effect of water inadequacy in the body at the cellular level. And to make matters worse, your capacity to keep water in your cells decreases as you age. Hence, after a time, no matter how many glasses of water you drink in a day, your system just won*t be able to keep enough water in your cells.

The overall aging process will cause many of your cells and tissues to malfunction. As they become less capable of keeping sufficient amounts of water, cells become weak and a lot of the water you take in will only be wasted because fewer cells are able to make use of the water. Instead of allowing water to be wasted away, you must apply measures to put back into the cells the water that is unused by the body. If you can do this, then there is a good chance that you can attain healthy skin and delay the onslaught of the aging process.

Redirecting water back into the cells that needed it mainly involves repairing your body's cells and tissues. You can fix damaged cells or tissues and allow them to absorb water again by taking supplements and diet that can mend or improve the functioning of your cells. Through adequate supplements and proper diet, not only will you be able to turn around the malfunction of cells, but you will also enable your cells or tissues to avert subsequent damages. Essential fatty acids and glucosamine are two of the most effective substances that are found in supplements and food, which can aid in the repair of cells and tissues.

Indeed, you can not totally stop the aging process, but you can delay its assault on your skin. By making sure that your cells have adequate amounts of water, plus nutrients from supplements and proper diet, you can hold on to a healthy youthful skin for years to come.

Submitted by:

Sharon Bell

Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine http://www.healthnfitnesszone.com.



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