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Sunshine And Age Spots: Peas In A Pod - Articles Surfing

Age spots should not be called that way. In reality, these skin blemishes have nothing to do with your age. Age spots are actually the collateral damage that results from the ongoing war between your skin and ultraviolet rays from the sun. You see, sunlight in this century is not as safe as it was one or two centuries ago and this forces your skin to fight back and beef up protection against the ill-effects of today's sunlight. In the end, pigmentation on your skin builds up and results in all the unsightly appearances and flaws that you see on your self.

There are skin experts and people who are adamant in their belief that the quality of your skin is directly proportional to the years that you have been living. But surely you will observe that the parts of your skin which never see the light of day have a smoother surface and a more even tone. Check out the skin on the inner side of your arms, the one just below the armpits; or check out your buttocks. All things being equal, meaning you are not a beach bum or you do not have hereditary freckles, the abovementioned areas will somehow be free of age spots no matter how old you are.

The reaction of the skin to the harsh rays of the sun is different from one person to another. But the signs are true, the biggest, if not the sole, agent when it comes to age spots is not age but sunlight. If you love sunshine so much, be ready with the development of any of the following types of spots and blemishes on your face, chest and arms.


The pea-sized brown spots that you see on your arms, hand, neck, and face are actually called lentigenes, more commonly known as age spots, or liver spots. You will notice that, as you get older, these skin blemishes proliferate in areas that are exposed to the sun. You really do not have to freak out when you see age spots on your face and body because they are quite benign and do not become cancerous cells.


The small brownish-reddish specs you see on your face and other parts of the body are called freckles. Young and old people alike can have these skin spots, which are usually more visible during summertime and slightly lighter during the winter.


Irregularly shaped tan spots that appear on your face during pregnancy, menopause, or when you are taking oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy are actually called melasma or mask of pregnancy. This skin discoloration may be exacerbated by the sun but is usually caused by hormonal changes. These spots, which look more like small maps, usually appear on the cheeks, around the mouth and the forehead.

Hyperpigmentation Caused By Inflammation

The darkening of the area of the skin that was affected by an inflammation, such as acne, pimple or insect bites, is actually post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You really do not have to worry about this because it will disappear in time. The discoloration or darkening of the skin is just your body's reaction to the inflammation.

Uneven skin tone

If you notice discoloration in large areas of your skin, then this condition is what we know as an uneven skin tone. When you have this problem, some area of your skin will appear lighter or darker than others.

But do not worry; you do not need to become a monk just to make sure that you have a flawless skin. By visiting trusty cosmetic clinics and using products like Lumnaderm, you can reverse the effects of harmful sunlight and protect your skin from further damage.

Submitted by:

Sharon Bell

Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine http://www.healthnfitnesszone.com.



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