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As located in the tropics, During summers, there are plenty of sumptuous and delicious fruits produced. These wide ranges of varieties allow people all around the world to taste and enjoy them depending on each preferences.

Fruits are incredible food. They contain vitamins and minerals and also they are a great source of energy and low in calories. During summers, the most popular fruit is mangoes, as they are usually produced in this period. Normally, there are both ripened and unripened mangoes and their tastes and textures are completely different. Unripened green mango has a sour or sweet taste. We peel and slice it and when we first bite it, it is crunchy to the teeth. We can also dip in a mixture of sugar, chili and salt for more delicious flavour. Ripe mango has a rich fragrance. Its peel is usually yellow but also orange depending on the breeding. Under the peel of yellow ripened mango, it contains soft flesh packed with juice and sweetness. People like to have sliced ripe mango with Sticky Rice: steamed rice cooked with sugar and coconut milk.

Beside from pleasant taste, there is a hidden advantage from ripened mango. It is not only vitamin C that we gain from having mango. As it is a food in yellow colour group, it is extremely rich in beta-carotene and carotenoids which help reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and can improve immune system function.

Also mango is higher in antioxidants which can help in anti aging. To keep as much substance from the fruit, we need to be very careful with them. For instance, we have to be quick and clean when we peel off the peel unless the air will damage the substance.

The Food Guide Pyramids recommends that everyone have two to four serving of fruit each day. During this summer you can try including a bit of ripe mango at each meal or if you do not count calories then try other mango menus available this summer.

Like chocolate, mangoes are a comfort food. Yellow, ripened fruit can satisfy taste-bud cravings and the rich, creamy texture feels good on the tongue. What's more, they are actually good for you and it's not often that one can indulge in a comfort food without watching the waistline or feeling pangs of guilt!

The mango is native to South East Asia (although there are now in excess of 1,000 species around the world) and many people suggest that mangoes from this region are best. The mango tree is no mean specimen; it is evergreen and can reach a height of some 60 feet although many are "cropped" short of their maximum height in order to make harvesting more manageable. A mango tree will produce fruit some 4-6 years after planting and they require hot, dry weather in order to set and produce a good crop.

Ripe mangoes have a rich, fruity fragrance at the stem and will yield to gentle finger pressure. The colour will usually be yellow but there may also be tinges of red, orange or green. A green, unripened mango peeled and sliced, is crunchy to the tooth, has a sour/sweet taste and, when dipped in a mixture of sugar, salt and chili gives a sparkling burst of flavour. The yellow, ripened variety may be peeled and eaten "as is" soft fleshed, packed with juice and sweetness with a creamy texture on the tongue.

Fortunately, mangoes are not only good to eat but also good for us. They contain an enzyme which soothes the stomach and are high in vitamins (A & C plus beta-carotene), antioxidants and minerals. Naturally high in fibre, a mango a day (during the season) will ensure that you're regular guys and gals! In fact, one mango will provide about 40% of the body's daily fibre requirement and will replace potassium lost through perspiration. An average size mango will deliver only 1 gram of fat and 110 calories so it's safe to have another one!

Submitted by:

Ramet Petsumrit

Ramet Petsumrit is the professional freelance writer. He's also the webmaster of Ladynice.net



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