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Anti-aging treatments address ways to prevent, slow down as well as reverse the aging process in order for people to enjoy a life that is healthier, longer, and happier. These treatments where scientifically researched and tested in order to provide information and services that are safe for people who want to achieve youth.

In the course of life, we have been exposed to different harmful pollutants as well as the damaging effects of the sun's rays. These pollutants, combined with the harmful UV rays of the sun hasten the process of aging. Another factor involves stress. This has alarmed a lot of people, especially women. This caused several beauty-conscious individuals to seek products as well as medical advice about the appropriate measures necessary in order to retain ageless beauty.

With this concern emerging, a lot of anti-aging treatments have been created for maintaining and regaining the younger and more youthful look. Anti-aging treatments address ways to prevent, slow down as well as reverse the aging process in order for people to enjoy a life that is healthier, longer, and happier. These treatments where scientifically researched and tested in order to provide information and services that are safe for people who want to achieve youth.

These anti-aging treatments range from your simple lifestyle of proper dieting and exercise, to vitamins, food supplements, and basic skin care. For aggressive ways of attaining a younger look, cosmetic surgery is also an option. Hence, there are means of slowing down the aging process.

Aging is a noted fact of life, it cannot be prevented nor can it be eradicated. People will go through with aging, but it will vary on the length of time your body can keep its youth. Although there are people who go to extreme measures like having face lifts or Botox injections just to keep the youthful appearance, the most effective measures are still the treatments from the natural aspect. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can go along way. It is amazing how vegetarians live through there 80s and still like there 40*s.

At home, you can make use of some ingredients found in your kitchen. Oatmeal regularly placed on the face is one proven method. Cucumber placed on the eyes can help you get those eyebags out of the picture. Olive Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil is also good for the skin. Thus, milk also keeps the skin soft and subtle, as proven by none other than Cleopatra herself.

Other simple and natural steps are as follows:

1. When you have activities that require you to be exposed under the sun, you should wear clothing that is light in color. The mechanism for this is that dark colors absorb more of the ultraviolet rays of the sun as compared to clothing that is light in color.

2. Avoid going outdoors between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, because this are time frames where in the damaging rays of the sun are the strongest.

3. Wear moisturizing lotion daily. It should have a sun protection factor (SPF) of preferably 15 and up.

4. Have a balance and healthy diet plus drink plenty of water.

5. If you are planning to go to the beach or do activities that will require you to be exposed to the sun, use a sun block that has SPF 30 and above. Apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply it as often as needed.

6. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic substances.

For anti-aging cosmetic treatments, there are several options. You should choose the appropriate kind of treatment. However, for extra care, you should also visit a dermatologist for consultation.

The various treatments are as follows:

* Creams or lotions:

Products such as creams or lotions that contain vitamin C and E, Alpha-hydroxy Acids, Retinoic acids, Hydroquinone and others can help prevent as well as remove skin blemishes, wrinkles and blotchiness. With this, your skin regains its youthful glow and texture.

* Microdermabrasion:

Buffering the skin with the use of tiny crystals does this procedure. A special type of equipment that contains the crystal will exfoliate your skin and also vacuum the dead skin that has been exfoliated. This method is a fast way of improving your skin with no down time and pain. It is somehow inexpensive as well. The only side effect will be a mild redness appearance of your skin but eventually disappears in a few hours.

* Chemical peel:

Chemical peel uses mild acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid. It is applied on the skin, which allows the skin to peel within a few days. The side effect of this is similar to a very mild sunburn reaction. After the skin peeling, a more youthful and supple looking skin is revealed. This should be done regularly to achieve its optimum effect.

* Botulinum toxin:

Botulinum toxin helps reduce some of the wrinkles as well as the expression lines. This toxin is introduced as a facial muscle injection, specifically on the forehead, the area between the eyebrows and the eyes* outer corner. Effects will be visible within a few days with no down time. It can last for about 3 months.

* Dermal fillers:

This is an injected collagen that aids in filling the wrinkles as well as the creases making them less visible. The effect of this treatment can last from 3 up to 4 months.

* Intense pulsed light:

This method is used for lessening the blotchiness and blemishes. To achieve the effect, 3 up to 5 sessions must be administered. The usual side effect is redness on the skin that can last for only a day.

Submitted by:

David H. Urmann

For more information on Antiaging Treatments please visit our website.



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