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Getting your hair colored or going through a more drastic cosmetic change such as a face lift will make you look younger. But, if your body has toxins you will still be aging at a faster rate than normal. To really revitalise we must clean ourselves up from the inside -detoxify.

In the modern, polluted world, internal cleansing is very important. No matter how hard we try to be healthy, we still breathe in polluted air, bathe in polluted water, and intake all types of chemicals. Once these chemicals and substances are absorbed into the body, we never fully eliminate them unless we detoxify.

A highly effective detox method which helps the entire body cleanse at the same time is juice fasting. Let's learn how.

If you take the time to go on a juice fast you will be allowing the digestive system to rest so it can focus its attention on rejuvenating the areas that need healing. Once you're done with juicing, your digestion will work better and your skin will take on a healthy glow.

You can benefit from a one to two day fast of freshly squeezed juice, herbal tea, protein drinks, and pure distilled water. Before starting on any diet program please consult your doctor to be sure it is safe for you to juice, especially if you have any health conditions.

Use organic fruits and vegetables because harmful pesticides and other chemicals will only become more concentrated after juicing. Drink up to eight 8-ounce glasses of juice each day and you'll be revitalising your body with an absorbable supply of health-promoting enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidant vitamins and minerals, and chlorophyll.

Use watery juices like cabbage, aloe vera, celery, or cucumber to dilute concentrated juices such as parsley, watercress, arugula, and spinach. Dark green vegetable juices need to be diluted to ensure digestibility. To get the most psychological and physical benefit from juices, drink them slowly as if eating food instead of a liquid. Swallowing too fast stresses the kidneys and bladder and doesn't give you the healthy taste satisfaction. And, reintroduce food slowly after a fast by choosing light foods.

Now that you've learned the guidelines, it's time for the fun to begin with an all-juice diet. Alternate between the combinations of apple with carrot, sprouts with pineapple, and tomato with lemon plus a dash of cayenne. Your body will be getting nutrients that will help it function at its best and help you look younger and revitalised.

Some fruits and vegetables that are perfect for juicing include:

Apple...Apple helps fix liver and skin disorders. It has a laxative effect and is perfect for improving digestion and for weight loss.

Cabbage...Cabbage alleviates stomach ailments by rebuilding the digestive tract lining. Many have claimed curing ulcers by drinking a quart of cabbage juice daily for a week. Cabbage is also cancer-fighting.

Melon...Melon juice is best when used alone. This juice cleanses the kidneys. The rind contains chlorophyll, minerals, and enzymes. Perfect for a daily "beauty" drink.

Beet...Beet juice nourishes the liver. When you take care of your liver you are taking care of hormonal balancing, fat metabolism, and improved digestion. This leads to an overall improvement in beauty...the kind that makes people wonder what you did different that is making you look better.

Celery...Celery juice rejuvenates the liver. It'll help you catch up with all your lost sleep and get rid of junk food effects quickly as it promotes good cell chemistry.

Pineapple...Pineapple juice provides an anti-inflammatory effect which helps relieve bloating. It is also good for alleviating arthritis.

Author of Ten Easy Steps for Complete Wellness, Susan Lombardi, recommends a combination of cabbage, carrot, celery, and beet juice mixed in equal parts, with a dash of cayenne for flavor and circulation. She states that this recipe is taken throughout the day while fasting to promote healing in every corner of the body.

Submitted by:

James A Penn

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