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Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

Your doctor will advise you to reduce cholesterol in your body in case you cholesterol is show above 200mg/dl. Having high cholesterol can lead many health complication hear failure and stroke for example. Cholesterol problem tends to be health problem for much people. So to protect is much safer than to cure even in fast action. Below will talk about how to reduce cholesterol before cholesterol problem develop to more complicate health problem such as heart disease and hypertension.

To reduce cholesterol is, in fact, easy to do in early stages. Regular work out and healthy diets are cases. Also we called changing lifestyle.

Work out affect on two levels. Firstly, it stimulates to burn off every food we consume which prevents us from excess weight gain. Keep working out can, secondly, not only strength the leg or arm muscles but all parts of the body including the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems. According to the cardiovascular system, this will help blood circulate through the system and reduce the chances of LDL cholesterol sticking to the artery walls.

Work out too hard and heavy is not necessary. Before start you exercise course, you should consult your physician to set up most suitable work out plan for you. At beginning, you might only every day walk a half hour. After you get used to the exercise, you can develop to one hour walking or more hard work out style such as playing tennis, squash or go to the gym. To be consistent and stick to the routine is the most important.

Change your lifestyle by stop smoking because smoking lowers the amount of HDL cholesterol in the body and binds carbon monoxide with red blood cells when they should be binding with oxygen. HDL cholesterol is known as good cholesterol because it transports cholesterol out of the body.

Changing eating habit is also a way to reduce excess cholesterol in your body. The principal is decreasing fatty foods and animal products intake. If your weight is too over it may also include reducing your fattening intake.

You should avoid saturated and trans fats such as butter, lard, cream and cheese. Trans fats are hydrogenated vegetable oil. Hydrogenated vegetable oil produces a product which make cheap, enhance flavor use, and preserve in the food industry. Trans fats are used in cakes, biscuits and many other processed foods. Both saturated and trans fats raise the level of LDL cholesterol in the body.

Avoiding fatty meats and dairy products also can reduce cholesterol consume. Both kinds of food add up the level of LDL cholesterol in the body. Consume lean chicken instead for instance that will be useful to less fatty intake.

Eat as much as fresh fruit and vegetable you could is will be much better than having fatty meats. Fresh product acts as fiber and can improve the efficiency of eliminating cholesterol from the body. Other foods which can provide a similar effect as fresh fruit and vegetables are whole grain foods such as porridge, muesli, some breakfast cereals and brown rice. Products with artificially sterol added plant, such as products like margarines, spreads and yogurts, can also absorption of cholesterol into the body.

Cholesterol problem tends to be more severs health problem so that to protect by all means above is much safer than to treat when it becomes a disease.

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