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Damage to the skin happens at the cellular and microscopic level. Every person will age at a different rate depending on genetics, exposure to UV rays, stress, exposure to pollutants, and poor nutrition. Aging is evitable so it is important to know what to use for anti aging treatments.

To keep skin healthy and reduce the signs of aging ensure that the diet is nutritious with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. The diet should also be high in antioxidants either through food or through supplements. Reducing fat and sugar intake is also helpful. Smoking ages the skin quickly and so does the sun so avoid both. As well as nutritious help there are many treatments to consider using. Some are non invasive while others require minimal surgery.

When it comes to face lifts, a thread lift is considered cutting edge technique because it is very innovative. There are actually no cuts. Instead tiny strings are inserted under the skin and then used like pulleys to create an upward force by attaching them to the facial tissue. The procedure takes about an hour and it is the perfect option for the person that is not quite ready for a full facelift.

Faces sink and sag with age and one way to plump them back up and give them a more youthful appearance is with a technique called fat transfer which is a very innovative procedure. With this procedure fat is taken from somewhere else on the body and injected into the face plumping the skin back up again.

Laser treatments are another option. A dermatologist will help you choose the correct laser treatment for your skin. A complete makeover can leave the patient looking 10 years younger with no invasive surgery. Fraxel laser treatments will resurface the skin, improving the tone and texture while removing age spots, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Botox, Juvdferm, and Restylane are all filler treatments which will reduce moderate to severe wrinkles. Any one of the three filler treatments is perfect for minor wrinkles. Fine lines, feather wrinkles, and even thinner lips are all part of aging and Hylaform is a technique that injects a mix of hylaronic acid and hylaform into the skin to plump it up. It's new and comes with FDA approval.

Anti Aging treatments do not have to be invasive. There are some excellent creams on the market. Although these creams are no magic bullet and they certainly are not equivalent to a face lift but they do have the potential to help make the skin look younger because of the ingredients used.

For example retinol has been proven to stimulate the skin to renew cells faster and alpha hydroxy acids can be used as a peel to remove the upper layer of dead skin exposing a fresher layer. There are many creams which help plump up the skin by adding moisture to make it look fresher and younger.

The simplest treatment of all is to use cosmetics to hide skin flaws like fine wrinkles and to choose a foundation that will give the face a fresh and younger look. There are many foundations on the market that will help reduce and eliminate those fine lines and proper application of cosmetics can take years off the age of the face.

The process of turning back time and creating the appearance of younger, youthful looking skin has long been sought after, creating a multi billion dollar industry that provides plenty of options to those that feel they need it.

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Eric Cho

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