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Why Do Our Bodies Age Over Time - Articles Surfing

The leading cause of aging is stress. Constant stress on the human body will sooner or later cause wear and tear, and breakdown or slowdown.

If all you did right now was get rid of, or manage, the stress in your life, you'd dramatically improve your health. You will live longer, happier, healthier and have a sexier life (almost) forever - even if you didn't alter your eating habits at all. Your body would begin to heal and revive itself dramatically.

The 2nd major cause of aging is malnutrition. Many of us adopt a diet that lacks certain essential nutrients which are needed by the body to sustain normal functions.

This aging process begins very early on for some of us. However, since the human body is so resilient and tolerant, the troubles ultimately beginning to "physically" unveil themselves years afterward. As resilient as our bodies are, after many decades of endless abuse, certain things be given to finally give up and break down. The problems that had started within our bodies years past finally begin manifesting in more visible ways in the present.

Think of a car, if you will. Two persons could have identical vehicles. Yet, the person whose vehicle receives quality fuel, regular maintenance (oil changes, tune-ups, etc) can outrun and outlast other vehicles -- often by many decades! What is more, the person who misuses his car engine might not see the damaging effects until months or years later, when the vehicle ultimately breaks down in the middle of the road.

Our bodies work the same way. Yet, most people oftentimes try to run their bodies on substandard fuel, or no fuel at all, i.e. empty calories. Exercising regular care is not even part of their reality. And, you can just forget about stress management.

I have put my body through my share of neglect and abuse. I have permit stress build up to a degree where it began manifesting physically as lower back pain. Luckily, and thanks largely to our body's resiliency, I didn't do any major damage and learned to handle it better today.

The bad news is, you can't alter the past. Your body could already be physically manifesting the years of abuse it had to put up with.

The good news is, you can change your body. You can restore most of the damage, and you can avert additional damage from here on.

The earlier you embark on taking better care of your body and mind, the sooner you stop (or at least delay) further aging.

The 3rd major cause of aging is, lack of use. The phrase "use it or lose it" actually echoes true when your body is concerned.

As we become old, we tend to cut back on physical activity. We work out less, and we stress over things more. That's a deadly combination.

Your body was designed for movement. Just like an automobile engine that quits from lack of use, the processes of our body start to slow down or stop from lack of movement. Many consider that exercise and physical activity should simply be done to lose weight. Not true. Daily exercise, just like nourishment, is a necessity.

You don't have to convert into a tri-athelete to trigger the anti-aging process. It is really often easier than that.

The 4th major cause of aging is disease. Diseases either attack the cells of our body directly or they interfere with particular processes of the body. Both of these cause the body to degenerate in some way. But, here's what's interesting...

Apart from certain infectious diseases, which we can catch from other people or things, most of our diseases are caused by one or a combination of three things: lack of nutrition, lack of activity, and excessive stress! Therefore, if we could work on the first 3 causes, this last cause takes care of itself and you could (almost) "Live Forever!".

Submitted by:

Riki Chon

is the webmaster at http://www.funbiznow.com/ and http://www.onenichesite.com/ and to unlock the "secret code" to what makes your body age and stop the aging process, you could (almost) Live Forever! http://www.funbiznow.com/longerhealthylife/index.html



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