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Antique Pocket Watches. A Testament to Timeless Quality and Resilience - Articles Surfing

Pocket watches, we have all seen them, especially if you are a fan of old English movies or Sherlock Holmes films you would have seen one. A watch made out of some type of precious metal, silver or gold or even in some cases steel with a cover to protect the screen and a chain attached to it instead of a strap which was attached to the pocket or belt or even placed in ones pocket.

Made at a time when humans were trying their best to make these massive clocks, with the smallest of which being grandfather clocks, into a more miniaturized version that could be used personally. At that time, the thought of a minute hand itself was enough to be certifiable much less to a portable watch since at the time clocks only had an hour hand alone anyway. But however as humans normally do they forge on and eventually after a lot of trial and error, the pocket watch was born. But however this in itself still had lot of kinks, for one, when they first found the solution to portably, accuracy became a problem in that times used to be off up to an hour at times. Then once again they forged on until they eventually came up the solution to their problem and the minute hand was created.

You see what originally happened was that they used coiled springs to replace the hanging weight used in the large clocks but the thing was springs did not unwind at a constant pace causing the inaccuracy. So when they discovered that the springs uncoiled at more constant speed when weights were added they added a balance which increased the accuracy which meant that these watch were off by minutes now and an hour. As time went along more modifications were made until they even in the 1700's added jewels as bearings in the watches to prevent friction and wear between metal parts.

One particular to note is that the first set of pocket watches were not made with coverings to protect the watch but later it was that cases were made of precious metals to protect the watch. Also if you come upon a watch whose cover does match, the manufacturers placed their logo on the case as well, the watch then it is a replacement and not the original.


Nowadays, an antique pocket watch is something of unique quality and value, an item worthy of wealthy collectors throughout the world. Though made in the 1700's it is very rare to find one before 1700 itself and considering to date it is over 300 years, that is to be expected. They are usually kept as an heirloom passed done from generation to generation which is part of the reason why they actually still exist. And the best they are usually still in proper working condition and still ready for use.

Sometimes in your travels you might just by accident come across on of these antique pocket watches and done not even realize. These things though extremely valuable sometimes are sold in garage sales, flea markets, etc through the ignorance of the owner to the value for sometimes a few dollars. Could you imagine meeting upon a ten thousand dollar watch being sold for ten bucks, well, it has happened before. Though many are still in existence, if you where to look, thanks to the durable materials used to make them, which by the way makes them that much more valuable, if you come across one, take it not lightly.

Antique pocket watches a testament to technology advancements at the time and also to that of human ingenuity. And to add to that a perfect it to become a family heirloom lasting as time moves one to forever.

Submitted by:

Trendon Cato

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