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Avioding Car Accidents

The use of diamonds has been found to be dated as early as 2,500 years ago, where they were used as religious icons in India. Record has also been found that in early human history diamonds were used in drilling bits and engraving tools. One of the traits of diamonds is that nothing can scratch it except for another diamond.

Diamonds are mined from volcanic pipes in central and southern Africa, found deep in the earth where pressure and temperature allow the crystals to form. Sources of this mineral have also been found in Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia.

It is only in the 19th century where the popularity of diamonds arose, mainly because of the De Beers Group which initiated a advertising campaign that used the slogan "A Diamond Is Forever" which is now know to be one of the most successful marketing slogans of all time.

It was invented to stop the creation of a secondary market by discouraging women from selling the diamonds they have received and also from buying diamonds which other women have owned. This helped retailers to sell diamonds at high prices without competition from secondary markets. This allowed De Beers to maintain their hold on the diamond trade at a supplier level.

Diamonds are perfect for engagement and wedding rings, although they are costly, they last a lifetime and the reaction from the person receiving it makes it all worth it. Diamonds are measured in Carats where one carat is the same as 200 milligrams, although long ago each country had their own carat which was roughly comparable to the carob seed.

If you have ever imagined how diamonds really work, then keep reading cause here is a simple explanation. Diamonds form about 160km below the surface of our planet. Most diamonds that we see today were formed a long time ago, like millions, if not billions of years ago.

There are kimberlites which form that allows for diamonds to be brought closer to the earth's surface, (come'on you didn't think people actually drill 170km into the earth, did you?). Think of a kimberlite as a zit, yeah that's right. What happens in the case of a zit (or sort of) is that bacteria forms inside the skin (think of the bacteria as diamonds,) it gets bigger and bigger and finally erupts, which brings the bacteria closer to the surface, after which our itchy fingers proceed to pick it.

Same thing with diamonds, they form deep inside the earth and then a Kimberlite happens and the diamonds are now closer to the surface, which at this point diamond miners will mine them. Soon after, they will be cut, polished, and many times attached to a ring, and then will be sold.

Diamonds are a beautiful thing, and are one of the many wonders on this earth created by the God of the heavens and earth. So I guess the next time you find yourself at a jewelery store, you will be able to understand what all the fuss is about.

Submitted by:

Tim Johnson

Article by Tim Johnson of http://www.everything-about-car-accidents.com/.


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