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Purchasing a Pre-owned Automobile can be nerve racking for consumers. There are a number of concerns toward the integrity of the Automobile. In addition, it is difficult to compare the appearance and condition of a used car to the asking price. With some simple steps, a consumer can make a pre-owned purchase simple and know they are obtaining the vehicle for a reasonable price.

Understand the Sellers Mindset * Why is the Car for Sale?

Probably the most important factor to consider is the reason a vehicle is for sale. Factors of the owners life may have lead him or her to require a new vehicle. For example, their children may become involved in sports or a new child may have been introduced to the family. Reasons like this are good to hear. They indicate that the seller probably would have kept the car and was satisfied with the reliability and comforts offered.

In contrast, if the seller simply became sickened by the vehicle and upgraded, take a look at what they are driving now. Did they upgrade to a newer model of the same vehicle? If so, it is evident that they where pleased with the vehicle that was for sale. Otherwise, the vehicle may become a headache. If the seller purchased a different make and model, ask about the newer car. Their response will indicate what was important to them at the time they purchased the vehicle. These elements of importance are good indicators of things they disliked in the vehicle for sale. Therefore, if a hint of reliability is muttered, the vehicle for sale could be a, *lemon*.

What has been done to the Vehicle for sale?

Ask for receipts in advance. To learn what was done to a vehicle, receipts are fairly important and provide good proof along with the date service occurred. Ask for receipts in advance. The seller may have to dig through documents to find receipts for service and parts. Because of this, asking when viewing a vehicle may not be a wise choice. In contrast, if the seller knows in advance, he or she will have time to find all the related receipts.

Analyze the modifications that had been done. Did the owner install components that increase the fuel mileage? The vehicle may have been a financial burden. Did the owner install performance enhancing parts? The vehicle may have lacked power or did not perform satisfactorily. Did the owner install factory parts? This is a good indicator that the owner was satisfied with the vehicle and the parts proved reliable to him or her.

Modifications to a vehicle will usually prove to be unsatisfactory. Keep in mind, before a vehicle is manufactured, auto makers spend thousands of dollars in engineering the vehicle. They are primarily concerned with ergonomics, performance, and safety. These engineers found the stock tire created the perfect wheel for the vehicle, the exhaust system proved safe and provided the best engine performance, and the external engine components offered economical benefits without robbing motor performance. In most cases, modified parts are throwing away all the money spent on research and engineering in a vehicle. Unless there is a purpose other than what the vehicle was designed, racing or carrying heavy loads, it is a wise choice to look for stock parts.

What is the appearance of the Vehicle?

One of the best ways to judge a vehicle is by the appearance. A clean and neat interior is a good sign that person was happy with a vehicle. In contrast, a poorly maintained interior may indicate that the vehicle was neglected. Did the owner ensure the carpet was preserved by using mats? Are there any burn wholes in the upholstery? Did they clean spills in the vehicle or let them become stains in the carpeting? Neglect on the inside is commonly believed to provide good insight on a poorly maintained vehicle.

Walking around the outside vehicle can reveal the driving behavior of the current owner. Look at the drive wheels, are they worn significantly more than the other tires on the vehicle? This would indicate heavy acceleration, which is extremely abusive to internal engine parts and the drive train of the vehicle. Look for variations in the vehicles paint. If variations are seen, the vehicle could have been in an accident. Another indication of bodywork is to look for over-spray within the engine compartment and door jams. While a history report is fairly resourceful, accidents could have occurred that are not listed on the report. An inspection is always recommended. After a high speed accident, vehicles tend to have significant problems.

What is the Vehicle Worth?

Being value conscious is wise as a consumer. There are a number of resources that indicate a car value. In most cases, the seller of a pre-owned vehicle was offered a very low price as a trade-in value for their new vehicle. They are probably willing to sell the vehicle for less than, *book value,* as they are wisely attempting to gain more than what was offered at the dealer. However, book value can lack many considerations and used only as a reference point. The best way to judge the value is to shop. Look at similar models for sale and evaluate the condition and desired preferences.

Conduct research and read reviews of the vehicle. The vehicle may appear to be in mint condition, yet the owner neglected to bring the vehicle to a dealer for an important recall. Most would agree, this would greatly affect the overall condition as the vehicle may not be in safe working order. In addition, there are a variety of options available for each vehicle. Which options add value that can be confirmed on the vehicle for sale? Does the vehicle actually have the premium sound system and manufactures premium wheels? Put more effort into assessing the value then mileage and model, to ensure the vehicle is worth the asking price or making an offer.

Purchase a pre-owned vehicle with confidence

Through researching a desired vehicle and shopping around, a consumer can purchase a reliable vehicle and save thousands of dollars for their efforts. The savings in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle could be considered as a payment for the work done. In addition to savings, purchasing a well maintained pre-owned vehicle eliminates the fear of purchasing a poorly designed vehicle. There have been thousands of people whom purchased and tested the vehicle. The vehicle has something better than a crash test. It was tested in the real world.

Submitted by:

Michael J Medeiros

Michael J Medeiros is an entrepreneur residing in New Jersey. He has a background in business and advertising and the found of Mjmls.com.

About Mjmls

Mjmls provides an open-source advertising solution for businesses and individuals to list items and services for sale through their Online Classifieds * http://www.mjmls.com/

To locate vehicles for sale or to advertise a vehicle, visit the Automobile Classifieds section of Mjmls at: http://www.mjmls.com/index.php?a=5&b=15



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