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Catalytic Converter Failure: Now What?

An important device that is standard equipment on vehicles built since 1975 is the catalytic converter. This part, when properly working, will significantly reduce pollutants from your engine before they leave your exhaust. A catalytic converter is essential toward promoting overall environmental cleanliness; most state auto inspection stations will check to see if yours is working as part of their regular inspection of your vehicle. If your vehicle fails inspection your catalytic converter may need to be replaced. Letís take a look at what a catalytic converter does and how you can save money in replacing one should it fail.

As your engine burns fuel, it produces environmentally harmful gases. These gases, if not handled properly, will leave your carís exhaust and work harm on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency, established in 1970, began to require that cars come equipped with devices to reduce harmful emissions. Thus, the catalytic converter was born.

The catalytic converter in your vehicle is installed in the exhaust line between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. Pellets inside the converter work to change the harmful gases into harmless gases before they leave the tailpipe and out into the open air. Thus, a properly functioning catalytic converter is essential toward maintaining good air quality.

Signs of a deteriorating catalytic converter include the following:

Rusted or broken converter body or end tubes.

Bits of substrate in other sections of the exhaust system.

No rattle detected in a pellitized converter (If the converter doesn't rattle, the pellets may have melted together or fallen out). A rattle detected in a monolithic converter (A rattle in this kind of converter indicates the substrate has separated.)

In each case the diagnosis is for you to replace your catalytic converter immediately.

Whether you are purchasing a Ford catalytic converter or a BMW catalytic converter it does help to shop around. While some people turn to manufacturers to find replacement parts, ordering through online shops such as Car Parts Stuff can result in significant savings for you. In addition, the information provided online will go far toward helping you decide which product is right for your car.

Submitted by:

Matthew C Keegan

Matt Keegan is a contributing writer to Car Parts Stuff at http://www.car-stuff.com as well as for various other publications.



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