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Eating Cheaper Then Driving

Fuel prices are skyrocketing out of control and everyone is looking for a way to put some of that money back into their pockets. No matter what your economic structure may be, people the world over are concerned about the soaring fuel prices. Do you realize within about ten years we could very well be paying around $10.00 per gallon.

Unbelievable! Just think about it, if you are a two or three car family you are in all probability paying more money to drive your cars then you are spending on groceries to feed your family in a month. In most cases it costs more money to drive your car then it costs to heat your house, and guess what folks we all continue to drive, most of us have no choice.

A lot of us have discontinued driving that vehicle that we love so much just because it is no longer economical for us. There have been so many different products on the market professing that they can save you money on fuel. Some are good, some are bad a lot of them are so expensive that why even bother? How do we know they really work?

Now it�s a given that almost everyone would like to save money on gas. There are a lot of different gadgets and gizmos out there, that have to be installed, and just are not worth the time and effort to even put into your automobile, bottom line they simply don�t work. And what about all those additives that you have to measure just the right amount another painstaking method, also we have found most of these products to be extremely costly, and a very small percentage of them actually work.

While picking a product that is effect to use in your gas tank try to stay away from anything that may contains naphthalene which by the way is moth balls and is very harmful to your engine and the environment, also in our studies we�ve learnt that detergents may clean your engine but they are ineffective on saving on mileage.

What you should look for is a product that does not attempt to modify or alter your fuel, but actually improves combustion in the engine; a good product should specifically enhance the process of combustion operation in your internal combustion engine.

You can go to auto stores and find at least a dozen different fuel additives most of which just add additional lubrication to your engine but do little to enhance fuel mileage. There are products out there that actually work that have the science and technology behind them. But with a lot of these products it becomes a price issue. So if you plan on using these fuel saving devices do your homework.

Ask yourself these questions.

� Is it cost effective?
� Does it do what they claim?
� Is it easy to use?
� Is it EPA registared?

For a list of the products we researched
E-mail brendalarsen@sasktel.net
or call Brenda Larsen or Ken Flegel at (306)545-4535 (306) 501-7424

Submitted by:

brenda larsen

My name is Brenda Larsen. I am just an average car owner and work every day. My husband and I did extensive research on gas saving devices and would like to share them with others who are concerned about the high prices of fuel.


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