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How To Make Your Neon Car Lights Look The Part! - Articles Surfing

It's one thing to grab a set of neon car lights and whack them on your vehicle, expecting them to work great, but the fact is, because you rushed the job to show your friends tonight, now their not working for some reason and there appears to be sparks flying out from under the dash, and on top of that, now your car won't start because you've shorted out the ignition! But on the other hand, as an experienced auto mechanic by trade and owner of All-Neon-Car-Lights.com I can tell you that if you only take your time when doing any kind of car customising, the end results will look so much better and they will work more efficiently too then if you just rush it.

When it comes to gaining optimal performance from of your neon car lights, its best when installing them to consider the amount of glow that the light tubes are going to emit so as to be sure that nothing is going to block out the glow of the tubes. Meaning if your installing under car lights, then you'll want the tubes to be mounted "level" with the under carriage of the vehicle and not positioned too far up inside the under carriage where it will block most of the potential glow from your tubes, and also not to far down or else you'll loose the tubes on high ground if you have a low car.

Also, many of the under car kits have special mounting brackets that allow you to "rotate" the tubes so you can direct the glow where you want. For example, you may want the glow to be directed straight towards the ground, or you may want to direct the light towards the outside of the vehicle, so that the glow is actually wider then the car. These neon car lights and their brackets have been made like this for that reason, so be sure to utilize them for best performance.

For the interior car lights, well... only the limit of your imagination can stop you here! However, it's always good to mount these tubes in locations where they will not get repeatedly kicked or broken from people that get in and out of your vehicle and that they will not interfere with you while you're driving. That includes any interior tubes that may be mounted at the back of the car that could reflect in the "rear view" mirror at night, preventing you from seeing behind you because of the glare.

Another good point to remember when installing your neon car lights for the best all round performance, is to "solder" all the wiring joints (if this is required for your type of installation) and seal the joints with duck tape or similar insulation tape to ensure a good connection and to prevent a voltage drop at connection point. If you hurry too much with the install and you only "twirl" the wires together, as a result, your neon lights will end up being too dull in brightness or even worse, they could cause a fire.

Speaking of dull, unfortunately, some colors, whether you get LED or neon tubes, are naturally already dull due to the light color. Some of these colors include pink, aqua, and amber to name a few, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your desired color weather it be for the interior or exterior car lighting.

One other major tip, and one that's often forgotten about when a person wants the best performance from their neon car lights, is if you've got neon under car lights, then over time, the tubes under the vehicle are going to get very dirty due to water, dirt, grease, oil and grime that comes off the roads, which in turn, blocks the glow of the lights. So when ever your meeting your friends out one night to show off your cool rides, always make it a habit to clean the tubes under the car when you wash your vehicle, that way, they will always be running at optimal brightness.

Many of the online dealers for major Manufactures of neon car lights such as Plasmaglow, Streetglow, Liteglow and numerous other quality car light accessory makers will deliver the goods when it comes to best all round quality, durability and performance. However, be warned, if it's not a big brand name neon car light product, then you may be asking for trouble due to the lack of quality in some of the kit components, but this too, is not always the case.

Hopefully these few little tips have inspired you to take your time when installing your car lighting accessories, or to maybe give your existing neon or LED car lights an overhaul to bring them alive again. What ever it is that this article has done for just, just be sure to have a good one, and enjoy your neon car lights at all times.

Submitted by:

Antonio Gabellone

Antonio Gabellone is the Owner/Author of All-Neon-Car-Lights.com A great resource aimed at PlasmaGlow products with "life-time Warranties". Copyright© All-Neon-Car-Lights.com 2005-2006 - Permission is granted to reprint this article provided the webmaster supplies a *LIVE* link to the authors website.



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