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Listing a Car For Sale in the Classifieds - Articles Surfing

Opposed to trading-in, selling a vehicle can provide a significant financial gain. Dealerships have moderate overhead that forces them to offer reduced trade-in values. In addition, they attempt to maintain a profit margin, as any business should. These expenses are passed on to buyers who take advantage of trading-in their current vehicle for the purchase of a new or pre-owned automobile. By attending to a few details, devoting time, and utilizing classifieds a consumer can achieve a quick sale and maintain monetary rewards for their efforts.

Attend to the Cars Exterior

Similar to selling a home, the cars exterior will provide a lasting first impression to prospective buyers. Wash the vehicle with a quality Car Wash. Ensure that brake dust is removed from the cars rims and wheel hubs. Remove built up road-dust from creases in the cars body. Pay extra attention to decorative moldings, door jams, and spaces between body parts. After washing the car, dry the vehicle with a shammy, to prevent dust from sticking to the clean surface.

Once the vehicle is dry and the surface is cool, wax the entire car with a quality carnauba wax. Read the instructions carefully before applying carnauba wax to the finish. Use a small hand applicator to wax creases and difficult to reach areas of the cars body. These areas are especially important to the external appearance of the vehicle.

Tend to rubber and plastic on the vehicles exterior. Apply high-gloss sun protectent to moldings and tires. Using an applicator, apply a generous amount of sun protectent product evenly. This should remove dulling that occurred from the sun or dust. Any product that is accidentally applied to the vehicles finish should wipe-off easily, as a result from the fresh wax that is protecting the finish.

Clean the Cars Interior

Use quality glass cleaner to remove built up residue from skin oils, cigarette smoke, and moisture that dried dust to the glass. Clean gauges and other glass-like surfaces that are in the vehicle. Use an interior cleaner to remove dust from the dashboard, instrument panel, door panels, and sun visors. Apply a high-gloss sun protectent to the plastic interior parts once they are cleaned.

Vacuum the cars upholstery and carpets. Using attachments for the vacuum, reach down between the seats and doors. Pay extra attention to the drivers-side of the vehicle near the pedals. Use a quality carpet cleaning product, as instructed, to remove stains in the carpet and upholstery.

Clean the Cars Engine Compartment and Attend to Minor Parts

There are a variety of products on the market that now make cleaning an engine simple. Many products may require the battery to be disconnected and water to rinse engine parts. Follow the instructions on the product of choice to achieve the best results. A clean engine is very important as consumers will want to see and inspect engine parts. When the motor is run, a clean engine will reveal any problems, if they exist. This is generally the consumer's biggest concern.

Inspect all belts and hoses on the vehicle. If dry-rot appears, replace the hoses. If the belts are dry-rotted or cracked, replace them. Ensure that all fluid reservoirs all full to the proper level. This may include windshield wash, clutch fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, and coolant.

Determine a Reasonable Marketing Price

Once the vehicle is clean and ready for consumer inspection, determine a fair value for the vehicle. This will require some research with similar models that are currently for sale. It may be in a seller's best interest to review similar vehicles that are for sale. Compare the price and condition of the vehicles. Remember, marketing price is not necessarily the price a seller is willing to accept. Common negotiating principles are for seller's to start high, and consumers to start low.

Review book values for the make and model of the vehicle. Kelly Blue book is a well known and used resource for establishing a fair value. Consider any modifications that have been made to the vehicle. Modifications may not be reflected within the Kelly Blue Book suggestion.

Gather Information and Place a Classified Ad

Route through receipts and gather maintenance records. Consumers will probably want to know what was done to the vehicle and how well it was maintained. By having these records ready before hand, it will reinsure trust that the vehicle was taken-care-of.

Be prepared to provide details regarding enhanced features or parts, provided by the manufacturer, for the model. A commonly overlooked feature is Low Jack car recovery devices. Custom wheels, stereo equipment, and engine type. Being able to provide these details will reinforce value to consumers who have viewed several similar vehicles.

Place an Ad for the vehicle. Avoid terms such as, *to many parts to list*. Instead, enter, *complete maintenance records available*. Describe the vehicle accurately. Many details can be found in the vehicles owner's manual. Indicate the best time to contact the seller. A consumer, who continually calls without an answer, could give-up trying. Ensure the contact information is accurate and consumers can leave a message, if there is no answer.

Submitted by:

Michael J Medeiros

Michael Medeiros is the owner of http://www.mjmls.com and open-source advertising solution for the United States.



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