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With ever rising fuel costs and efiiciency now a major forcus of car manufacturers world wide and new product has been developed that can make all the difference for diesel vehicles.

The mass-produced diesel car engine generally has a number of shortcomings that are the result of the necessity to meet a wide variety of service conditions and realities, such as variations in manufacturing tolerances, fuel quality variations, climatic conditions, and inferior maintenance. As a result, the off- the-shelf characteristics of a standard diesel engine offer significant scope for improvement and, as has been shown by power and torque curves obtained from dynamometer tests, poor low speed response and mid-range "flat-spots" can often be eliminated, with a resulting improvement in overall performance * which doesn*t just mean going faster. So "tuning" is not all about raising power and torque output, (although this is usually also a pleasant end result!) but equally about optimising the efficiency of the engine. Improved efficiency means improved economy and better fuel consumption.

One of the reasons why the diesel engine has great advantages over its petrol counterpart in terms of response to tuning is the key factor of "excess air". Try to tune any petrol engine by offering it more fuel and it soon becomes breathless, as it runs out of oxygen with which to burn the extra fuel. The only way to overcome this is to persuade the engine to burn more petrol at higher engine speeds, where more air/oxygen can be ingested. So generally a tuned petrol engine has to rotate more quickly to produce extra torque and power, and in the process becomes a more temperamental and frenetic performer. But most diesel engines * and we are inevitably talking today of turbo-diesels * are able to ingest far more air than is needed to burn the injected fuel. So they respond eagerly to the offering of carefully chosen modest amounts of extra fuel by intelligent re-programming - and in the process usually actually operate at higher efficiencies!

The ready availability of excess air at all engine speeds means that the tuned diesel engine usually produces its extra performance throughout the rev range and, as a result, the response is improved in all driving conditions * not just when maximum power is demanded. So a tuned diesel becomes an even friendlier and more willing beast, often becoming smoother and more flexible * so it will pull a higher gear, and often deliver better fuel economy than a standard engine * because it's actually more efficient!

How does it work?

The operation of today's electronic injection diesel engines is masterminded by the engine's ECU which, according to requirements, sends constantly varying signals to the fuel injection unit, as instructions to deliver a certain amount of fuel at any instant. Electronic tuning uses any one of a number of different systems to modify this signal in such a way that, throughout the engine speed range and according to power demands, the fuel injection volume is beneficially enhanced. But it's particularly useful if there's potential to actually adjust these modified instructions according to individual needs * and particularly if an engine is being tuned to an owner's specific requirements.

The DPChip:

Have you recently began to think about how your diesel could do with a bit more power? Have you ever wondered what a bit more power or torque in the right place could do for you when your carrying a heavy load or just going about your regular driving? A simple plug and play module can easily give you an instant increase in power. You'll be excited about the possibilities for your vehicle and you'll experience the satisfaction that fitting a Diesel Power Chip can bring to your everyday driving whether at work or at play.

The Diesel Power Chip - DPChip - is available for a large range of EFI diesel trucks from the light utility of the Mercedes Sprinter to larger commercial vehicles such as the Isuzu Gigamax. By fitting a DPChip you can take full advantage of your truck's power. With an increase of up to 35% you will notice a difference in takeoff power and control. With a longer powerband you'll experience less gear changing and smoother gear changing. This improved performance leads to a general improvement in economy. In many cases up to 10% better fuel consumption can be expected when driving with a DPChip. Get the edge over your competition and get your vehicle going with a Diesel Power Chip. Add our 5 year warranty to the equation and you can see that the DPChip is your key to more power and control saving you many times it's cost over the working life of your vehicle.

We pride ourselves on our world wide product support. If you have any questions regarding the DPChip or need information or help with installation or any other matter please don't hesitate to contact us.

Postal Address: Old Hume Highway, Berrima, 2577, Australia

Phone: +61 2 4877 1022 Fax: +61 2 4877 1239

Email: info@dpchip.com

Web: www.dpchip.com


1. DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines.

2. Individual programming and re-mapping of the engine management system enables this simple to fit device to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%.

3. DPChip alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains.

4. Accelerator, air mass and load, as well as other readings are accurately read by DPChip to calculate and deliver 'Real Time' alterations to the engine managements own signals with digital precision and speed.

5. More power is delivered throughout the rev range with torque (pulling power) delivered lower down and lasting much longer throughout the rev range.

6. DPChip can be further adjusted manually or via it's onboard USB port to provide optimum performance for your particular needs. If you modify your engine with extras such as turbos, intercoolers, and exhausts DPChip can be safely adjusted to suit your driving needs.

7. DPChip can provide up to 10% better fuel economy through more efficient and less gear changing.

8. DPChip is installed downstream of the ECU leaving all error detection and operational safety systems intact. DPChip cannot harm the vehicles ECU.

9. DPChip increases performance well within set tolerances thus protecting your engine.

10. DPChip is transferable between vehicles. Each DPChip model covers a large range of applications. If you sell or change vehicles simply unplug DPChip and install it in your next EFI diesel.

11. DPChip increases performance well within set tolerances thus protecting your engine.

12. DPChip has the largest range of EFI diesel tuning modules in the World.

13. DPChip is brought to you by Australia's Original Diesel specialists in the industry since 1956.

14. DPChip comes with a class leading 5 year warranty.

15. DPChip comes with 24hr/7day technical Hotline support so you have peace of mind wherever you are.

Submitted by:

Byron Moore

Byron Moore is a freelance journalist who has put together a number of articles on diesel automotive matters through interview and discussion with The Diesel Experts ( see http://www.thedieselexperts.com ) He has had a number of articles published in various automotive magazines and also via the web.



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