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Put Some More Muscle in Your Diesel - Articles Surfing

Diesel engines are vastly untapped when it comes to horsepower. Prime example*the 2006 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel. This truck ships from the factory with a respectable 325 horsepower. But now, thanks to the Edge Juice Performance Module with Attitude In-Cab you can jump to over 425 at the push of a button.

Along with ungodly gobs of power, you'll also enjoy a full compliment of gauges including Boost PSI, Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), Barometric Pressure, Speed (MPH), Engine Coolant Temp, Intake Temp, Load %, Slip %, Transmission Temp, Throttle %, RPM and Backdown % due to excessive EGT or Boost. You can view any combination of four variables at once on the Attitude Monitor.

Another feature I like is the built-in turbo timer. This option will increase the life of your turbo by running the engine after you turn off the truck until a specific EGT (set by you) is reached.

Installing the Edge Juice and Attitude Module

Overall, installation is fairly easy. There are quite a few connections associated with the gauges, but the kit comes with detailed instructions and pictures coinciding with the various stages of install.

One of the most difficult tasks is installing the EGT probe. For this, you'll need to drill and tap your exhaust manifold to accept the threaded end of the probe.

All the other wiring is pretty straightforward with connections necessary at the injectors, MAP sensor, OBDII data link, ignition (for turbo timer), power and ground.

The kit comes with a mounting bracket for the Attitude in-cab module, but I thought it looked a little cheesy, so I opted for an A-Pillar Gauge Pod. You can pick these up for around $75 and they give a nice finished look to the install.

Power Levels

Although Edge claims 5 different power levels, there are actually 7. Level 0 for stock settings, Level 1 for 25 HP, Level 2 for 40 HP, Level 3 for 60 HP, Level 4 for 80 HP, level 5 for 100 HP and Level 6 for 160 HP.

To get level 6 you have to contact Edge directly and get what they call a *hot unlock code* which you enter right into the Attitude module. According to Edge *There is a cost associated with accessing level 6 and a release liability waiver must be signed.* This last part makes me think level 6 could do bad things in the wrong hands*namely mine, which is why I haven*t *unlocked* this feature just yet.

Safety Features for Your Diesel Engine

One of the biggest reasons I purchased the Edge Module was the safety/engine protection features it offers. Along with the diesel turbo-timer that prolongs turbo life by allowing it to cool down properly, the Edge Juice has an audible alarm system that alerts you when dangerous conditions are present. You can preset alerts for EGT, Boost Pressure, Engine Temp, Trans Tem and speed.

Drive Test

In a word: Wow. The performance gains are incredible all the way through the power band. Low end, middle, top end*all show marked improvement over stock. On the freeway you'll find yourself doing 80 with plenty of pedal left. The only drawback I*ve seen is an increase in smoke*not really a big deal, but it does piss other drivers off sometimes.

At the higher power settings, fuel economy did not increase or decrease. At power level 5 you can expect the same mileage as stock. At lower levels (1 & 2) I went from 14.9 MPG to 16.5 mixed highway and city driving.


I give this product a serious thumbs up. I picked up the Edge Juice with Attitude Module for $899 and the A-pillar gauge pod for $75. So for less than a grand I have all the horsepower I could want, a whole set of digital gauges and an automatic turbo timer to boot.

Submitted by:

Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison publishes http://www.offroadreport.com. The Off Road Report is the place to go for info on parts, how-to's and all things JEEP.



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