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Safety requirements for a Diesel Generator

There are many requirements to meet when considering the safety of your generator. These do not always involve consideration for personal safety but measures to protect the generator itself. If your generator is a permanent installation it is important that a safety feature such as an automatic shutdown device be installed. This will protect from several malfunctions.

There are basically three monitored factors that can be considered when installing a shutdown device. One of these monitors the engine temperature and if these values are too high the generator is shutdown automatically. There is another that deals with the oil pressure and if there is a drop in oil pressure the generator is shutdown. There are also over-speed shutdown kits that can be used. It is by far the best choice to install all of these shutdown devices as a safety precaution to protect your equipment.

It is also recommended as a safety precaution that regular maintenance is carried out. The most maintenance that is required of a diesel generator is a regular oil change. This can do wonders in increasing the lifetime of your generator. Once properly maintained there will be few issues with your generator up to 30,000 hours or an approximate time period of 3 years.

Regular inspections of the generator should also be carried out at every oil change. Ensure that the generator is kept clean so it is easy to observe any leaks. This is important as a safety requirement as even if you installed the oil pressure shutdown device it is possible for significant damage to be done before it is triggered. The diesel generator in particular is very much dependent on proper oil amounts as it has a high pressure on the components.

It is of importance that the diesel generator be exposed to the proper amounts of fresh air or ventilation for cooling. Although the machines have a water cooling system built in it is vital that they are well ventilated. This ensures that the machines do not overheat. If storing the generator in a shed ensures that there are large enough ventilation openings. If noise is a concern the installation of a blower is a good safety precaution to protect your equipment. High temperatures are what will eventually kill an alternator and it is vital that this is controlled to extend the life of the generator.

In order to extend the life of your diesel generator it is possible to install an hour meter. This will alert you in terms of usage when maintenance is required and avoid improper maintenance practices.

In terms of your safety it is important that you are knowledgeable in electrical aspects and take proper precautions. Do not remove guards put in place for your protection unless you have professional assistance. If the machine is overheating be cautious of handling the equipment as serious burns can occur. Do not allow oil spills onto the floor as this is a fire hazard. Noise is another consideration for your safety. Make sure you install your diesel generator away from earshot range of your home and any neighbors. A sound barrier enclosure may be an idea if space is a limitation.

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