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Short of driving a toaster on wheels, what steps can you take to improve your current car's fuel economy? There are quite a few that can help; 8 are listed herein.

If some people had their way, you*d be driving a small hybrid powered vehicle with no choice of other types of cars to own. While a gas-electric hybrid is fine for some folks, the majority of American drivers want the power and responsive of a trusty internal combustion engine and are not interested in being told which kind of car they must drive. Yet, saving on gas is a universal concern one that nearly every driver considers each time he or she stands at the gas pump. I doubt that there are many folks who give no thought to paying $3 per gallon for gasoline and fill ups costing $40, $60, even $80 or more are no fun. While you can*t control OPEC, you can squeeze more mileage out of your current vehicle thereby reducing your pain at the pump. Read on and we'll explore several sensible and sane fuel saving options that can help you today:

Easy on the Brakes. If you slam on the brakes, chances are you also press the pedal to the medal. Jackrabbit starts will get you there, but you'll also gobble up more gasoline than you can imagine. Ease up on the gas pedal and you could see your fuel economy jump by 3 to 5%.

Keep it Inflated. Tires that need to be inflated are tires that rob your car of fuel. Some auto experts have said that improperly inflated tires can drop your fuel economy from 10 to 15%. The next time you gas up, check the tires as well as the gas, oil, and windshield washer fluid.

Change the Air Filter. Air filters work to keep dirt out of your engine, but they can also sap your engine of horsepower if you do not change them at regular intervals. Better yet, purchase a reusable performance air filter and you'll have an air filter that breaths better and is good for the environment. You simply clean and reuse the same air filter over and over again. Watch your fuel economy jump 2 to 5% with a clean, reusable air filter in place.

Tune it Up. Today's engines do not require frequent tune ups, but spark plugs still need to be changed as warranted by the manufacturer. Keep the timing right and you'll notice your fuel takes you further.

Change the Oil. Old oil and an old oil filter can harm your engine and make your engine work harder. An engine that has to work harder burns more fuel. Keep a close look at your oil and change it at regular intervals.

Slow Down, When You Can. Going 60 mph is more efficient than 70mph with most cars running optimally at speeds ranging from 55 to 65 mph. Fuel savings of about 10% can be achieved by staying within recommended parameters.

Start and Drive. There is no need for you to warm up your car anymore. Today's vehicles can hit the road right away without needing to sit in the driveway idling and eating up gas.

Regular v. Premium Gas. Unless your vehicle manufacturer specifically says so, opt for regular unleaded versus premium unleaded gas. You'll save as much as a quarter over the price of premium and still have a vehicle that operates optimally.

Once you are ready to turn your car in for a new model, then consider what's available at that time to further reduce your overall gas consumption. No, fuel prices aren*t likely to drop below $2 per gallon again, but you can save at the pump by following the eight tips outlined herein.

Submitted by:

Matthew C. Keegan

Copyright 2006 * Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance automotive writer covering new products and current models. Please visit the Tornado Fuel Saver:
http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/shop_brands/tornado.html page to learn about additional ways you can improve your vehicle's fuel economy. Check out Tornado Products: http://www.autopartswarehouse.com to find out what they have to offer you.



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