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The VW and Audi TDi diesel vehicles are probably the most economical cars on the road, getting about the same or better economy than the new hybrids. They are the best way to go when looking to save money on fuel. The VW TDi's especially are growing in popularity in the U.S.. There are some complaints though. Like not having the power needed to pass someone on the road. This has all changed in recent years. There are several upgrades that can be made to the TDi's to improve power, and to actually improve fuel economy even more. I will touch on these subjects briefly.

The first TDi Performance mod that comes to mind is an upgraded chip or tuning box. Both of these items, the VW performance chip and the VW tuning box change how the fuel is delivered to the engine. For a VW performance chip to be installed, the TDi's computer must be removed and sent to someone who can solder in the new chip with the new program. A VW tuning box will simply be connected under the hood where it can intercept the signals going to the engines ecu and alter them. Most people will say that the upgraded chip will do the most for you, but the tuning box is the more common upgrade just because it is so much easier to work with. Also the tuning boxes are well liked because they can be removed and have no trace of ever being there so that warranty work can be done.

The TDi Performance upgrade that comes to most peoples minds first is the cold air intake. An upgraded cold air intake in a VW TDi will add approximately and additional 5-10% increase in power and economy. It is able to accomplish this by 1) Flowing more air which helps the fuel to combust more completely, and 2) Cold air intakes are sealed away from the hot engine air. Cold air takes up less space, so in turn more air is able to occupy the same area because it is cold and not hot. That is a pretty good jump and the cost for the upgraded air intake is minimal. One of the drawbacks is that upgraded air intakes are not available for all of the TDi models or year groups. There are also performance drop-in filters for most of the TDi's that will increase airflow slightly, and add a little power and economy.

The next thing that comes to peoples minds is an upgraded exhaust system for their TDi. The only problem with that is the lack of mods for the TDi exhaust. There are currently no major companies that manufacture full TDi exhaust systems to my knowledge. A custom system can be made, but often cost in excess of $750. So most people do either 1) A mufflerectomy where the muffler and resonator are removed and straight pipes are put in their place to reduce restrictions on exhaust air flow. This doesn*t really give a measurable power or economy increase, but does give a throatier sound that some are looking for and the reduced back pressure will add to engine longevity. Or 2) People will replace the muffler with a new muffler that is able to vacuum the exhaust out the tail pipe. These mufflers will add a little performance and economy, although still not very noticeable, but they will greatly reduce back pressure to add to the longevity of the engine and will also add a deeper tone that some are looking for.

Another common upgrade for the VW TDi is upgraded injector nozzles. Upgraded injectors or injector nozzles and an improved spray pattern than the stock injectors and when required are able to flow more fuel. They greatly add to performance and add a little economy too. They are also an inexpensive upgrade, and high on the bang for your buck scale.

There are also other things such as propane injection or water methanol injection that will add power and economy but I won*t go into detail as they are not common mods for the TDi*s. Also with any modifications, a set of gauges should be added to monitor the VW TDi's engine parameters and to make sure that things are functioning properly.

This article was written by Nathan Young of Parleys Diesel Performance, a TDI Performance enthusiast.


Submitted by:

Nathan Young

Nathan Young is a TDI Performance enthusiast.




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