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What's So Great about a Polaris ATV?

I've owned a few different Polaris ATVs, and really like most of them, but by far, my favorite Polaris ATV is the Polaris Trail Blazer. This is one of the most tweakable and enjoyable little ATVs around. Though unknowledgeable people claim that this model of Polaris ATVs lacks power, they simply don't understand the strata of ATVs and how to purchase amongst the different levels in terms of engine size and whatnot.

The Polaris Trail Blazer comes with a 244 cc engine and runs about $3500. In my opinion, you simply can't get a better deal on such a quality machine. This top of the line 2-wheel drive ATV features powerful 2 stroke Polaris 250 engine as well as a concentric drive system that helps deliver the power through the drive belt to the ground.

Overall, these ATVs are extremely easy to operate, very comfortable to ride for longer periods of time and are tons of fun. The only problem I've ever had with my Trail Blazer is that it sometimes requires me to wait and let the engine warm on cold days. In all fairness though, only n the coldest days here in Montana have I had any problems getting the thing to start. And that says something, as it gets pretty darn cold here.

One of the main things that I like about the Polaris Trail Blazer is that it's very easy for inexperienced people to learn to drive. I've taken several people out riding on several different brands and models of ATVs and I have to say that every last person I rode with took much better to the Trail Blazer than any of the other ATVs that I own.

Among the features that I think Polaris does better than other ATV manufacturers, are superior braking and suspension systems, the automatic transmissions, as well as comfort and quickness. I bought my latest Polaris ATV in February of 2001 and I haven't been bale to stop riding it!

The suspension on this thing is awesome. It will keep you on the trail and it's a smooth ride all the way along, even on the roughest terrain. Of course the very comfortable seat certainly helps this aspect of riding a Polaris ATV.

I have to say that the craftsmanship seems above standard. I've rolled my Polaris Trail Blazer, oh, a dozen times or so and not one little bit has ever broken off of the thing. Now that's impressive. I can't say eh same thing for the Honda and Suzuki ATVs that I've owned over the years.

In my opinion, the price of $3300 is certainly very well worth it. Even though this ATV is rated as a sport ATV, you can still add racks or a tow hitch, which really impresses me. Not too many ATVs can handle utility like this one does yet perform like a sport ATV as well.

Submitted by:

Donovan Keithly

Donovan Keithly has been a SUV owner for the past 10 years. Hes an active outdoors person who loves to go off roading in his ATV. He has owned and operated countless ATVs over the years and shares his riding techniques as well as model reviews on his site.


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