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Are we our own worse enemy? With the rise of crude oil to almost $80.00 a barrel and the price at the pumps well over $3.00 a gallon and in some places $4.00 a gallon.

We Americans just want to complain about it and not do anything about it. We could better control the high prices at the pump ourselves if we would show some restraint. If we would learn to conserve fuel and not waste it we could affect and control the prices ourselves and not rely on the Government to do it for us.

It's easy to blame George Bush or any other of our elected officials or big oil, but the truth is none of them can really do much about it. It's you and me that can stop the upward spiral, but the problem is we want to complain and blame everyone else but we are to blame for the supply and demand for oil products.

Everyone has something to do or someplace to go that just HAS to be done, ball games here, shopping there, eating out at your favorite fast food or casual restaurant, going to work or just going on that trip in the country for the day.

I know if you sat down and made a list of all the places you need to go in a week and all the places you didn't need to go there would be a lot of trips you could cut out, but if you are typical you will make an excuse for all the places you didn't need to go and say they were all necessary.

There is also another thing that very few people know or want to hear and that is with every gallon of foreign oil you buy you are lining the pockets of terrorist supporting countries that are making billions of dollars more now than ever before, and those dollars end up supporting terrorists in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and other counties that want to destroy the United States and our freedom.

We complain about the high profits the oil companies are making but those dollars will eventually wind up in our market and not in the hands of terrorists to buy rockets and make bombs to blow up innocent men, women and children.

Just this past week Hugo Chavez of Venezuela bought 24 fighter jets, 53 attack helicopters and an arsenal of other equipment and assistance from Russia. Russia is no friend of ours and they would like nothing better than see us destroyed by their proxy.

Where do you think that bundle of cash, 3 Billion dollars, came from? Since Venezuela is the home of Citgo, you do the math.

So the next time you jump in your car for that all important trip to ? don't complain when you have to stop and fill up at $3-$4.00 a gallon. Just smile and say to yourself I don't care how much it costs I NEED to go here and there.

Or you can plan ahead and combine trips or cut out those trips that you don't really need to take, and when the price of gas drops back $2.50 or less a gallon you can pat yourself on the back and say GOOD JOB.

And when those countries that are supporting the terrorists see there funding dry up and Joe Arab can't get the money to buy ammo or material to make a road side bomb or strap on a bomb and get on a bus or go to a mall and blow up innocent people, your little sacrifice will have been worth it.

Jack Cooper is the owner of www.jtcbiz.com where he reveals several Automotive secrets that can save you money and inform you on a variety of Automotive topics, including buying and selling cars, extended warranty and vehicle inspections.


Remember our Troops by supporting "Red Friday". Don't know what "Red Friday" is? eMail me for info. jack@jtcbiz.com

Submitted by:

Jack Cooper

Jack Cooper

Occupation: Auto Appraiser/Inspector

Website: www.jtcbiz.com

Biography: I have over 40 years experience in the Automotive field, from ASE Master Tech to owner of my own repair shop and have been doing Automotive Appraisals and extended warranty/pre-purchase inspections for the past 12 years.

I have been working on building and just about anything connected with cars all my life. I have been a Drag Racer (early years) drove stock cars (asphalt and dirt) built Hot Rods and restored classic cars, so have been around just about any type of vehicle you can imagine.

My hobby is NASCAR and building web-sites. My current web-site www.jtcbiz.com is a site I started several years ago as an information site for Cars and expanded into trucks, 4X4's, ATV's, Motorcycles and NASCAR. The site started out to be a business site, hence the jtcbiz name, but turned into a site on vehicles so don't be alarmed with site name as it had a lot of exposure so I left the name.

Thanks Jack



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