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Confused on what to buy as an important accessory to your motor bike? Then, let us help you in choosing the right stuff that you should have!

A motorcycle is an engine- powered vehicle that is designed for off-road adventures, long distance travels or even for traffic- congested places. All over the world, this is the most broadly used means of transportation. Aside from this, it is also regarded as the cheapest. Using this type of transportation entails you to use the necessary gears and equipments in order to guarantee you and your rider's safety.

Here are the ten most important things you should have when you own a motorcycle:
1. The classic helmet is the top most important gear in the motor biking business. This is due to the fact that it can shield your head from the risk of fatal accidents in motorcycling. It is said that out of 100,000 motor bikers around 78 of these encounter critical life and death situations as compared to car accidents who experience 17 out of 100,000 car owners. This justifiably surmounts that motorcycle accidents account 4 times more, particularly in the number of deadly disasters occurring on the streets. Having a helmet will definitely lower than your risk of getting head contusions and haemorrhage whilst unavoidable circumstances should happen. It is advisable to buy a brand of helmet that is reliable and proven. Helmets of low quality are like wearing no head protection at all. Most motorcycle owners buy these, thinking only of the amount it would cost them, and not thinking about the major price they will pay once they are wearing this kind of helmet and an accident occurs.

2. Eyewear that comes in many forms like that of bugeye goggles, sunglasses and even interchangeable sunglasses. Hence bugeye glasses can be your primary choice. These glasses come in forms that can fit into your face properly. Of course, you don*t want your eye protection to be sloppy because in that way you won*t be able to see the road properly. This will also help avoid any dust or very small rocks, along some roads, from hitting your eyes. This is especially in roads and streets that are under construction or repair. It is said that cataracts are usually from the dust and dirt that your eyes have accumulated through the years.

3. Jackets vary from the regular ones to the types that possess support. Riders call this type of jacket as an *armour jacket*. This jacket is imperative for riders in order to attain additional warmth in riding, particularly at night and during cold weathers. This is also worn to protect their inner clothes. When you use armoured jackets it can provide you the support you will need because it contains a shoulder, elbow and arms protector. Furthermore, it may also contain spine and chest supporters. Some jackets also have their own kidney belts for obvious reasons.

4. Gloves are extra paraphernalia you will need for the purpose of hand protection. This is true since it provides extra warmth and mobility, especially in cold temperatures. Furthermore, it helps reduce fatigue. Some gloves also have air ventilation for your fingers, leather protection for some high impact areas, and some even have carbon fibre heating elements that electronically give off controlled infrared heat. These carbon heating elements are safe even in wet conditions.

5. Boots are a big step in motor riding. A pair of highly durable, wide fitting foot shape for maximum comfort is a must-have motorcycle gear. Modern boots have a quick drying polyamide lining that is covered with foam and high density contoured padding. This is placed in order to absorb shocks for your foot area. Some boots also have sole tractions with distinct heels, as well as special tread patterns for better performance in any type of weather.

6. Riding suits are the best part of being a motor rider. They come in textile, leather and can be either as one-piece or a two-piece set. This is best for night time safety because of its reflective sport badges. Some even possess chrome accents. Leather suits are best for rough riding due to its excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. Some are also waterproof and breathable textile suits that are made from nylon fabrics. This can really be an advantage during the rainy seasons. Thus, these waterproof suits can be your rainy day outfit and can prevent you from acquiring colds and coughs because of the rain.

7. Fairing or a wind shield is used in order to protect engine components during an accident. This actually helps the driver ride against the forces of the wind and for aerodynamic purposes. This is mainly crafted from acrylic plastic or fibreglass. In the absence of such, the rider can easily get a so-called *tire off*. Plus, it can be the major source of a drag which can be pushed back from the handles because of the windsock effect that usually occurs at 100 km/ hour or 62 mph. Modernized fairings can even help prevent hypothermia for riders who are up for a long travel, preventing the rider from chilling and losing his balance.

8. Heated handgrips/ seats can offer comfort to the driver whenever it is winter season or windy days. This can improve the attention of the driver on the roads particularly in cold weather.

9. Saddlebags or pannier, trunk, luggage rack is mainly used for people who have many things to carry but cannot do it by themselves once they ride their bikes. The difference of each is just the location but one function would be the one previously mentioned. Hence, saddlebags or the so-called *pannier* are mainly placed at both sides of the motorcycle. The motorcycle trunk is mostly found at the back of the vehicle. The luggage rack is usually added to bikes so as to have the baggage fastened in this part of the vehicle. Thus, it can also minimize the rider's use of backpacks, making it more secure because it can add to the weight and the capacity of the motorcycle.

10. A motor cover is a thoughtful way to care for your vehicle. Imagine the change of weather and rainy seasons, especially if its winter and you will just leave your bike in the garage for a few weeks, you will definitely need this. Aside from maintaining the warmth of the engine of your vehicle, it can also prevent dirt from accumulating. Thus, a little investment on such a cheap tool can help you prevent further loss of big amounts of your income.

There are other important gears being invented for motorcycles these days. Some would be for your motorcycles appearance and some for your own safety while driving it. It is up to you if you would like to add in gears to your adored motorcycle. Just make sure that you have the important things first. Although it is quite expensive, it is definitely worth it because it will guarantee you a longer time to drive roads and even high ways, Even if you see yourself as a safe driver, you can never tell what type of driver is on the other end of the road or high way with you. It is always best to be prepared with these safety gears. So invest on the things you will surely use and be of help to your safety. You will surely get your money's worth after sometime.

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