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50% Gas Savings W/o Expensive Products? No Way!!!!

How Do I Save Gas At the Pump? This has always been a good question. The answer, however, does not lie at the gas pump, it lies elsewhere. It actually lies within YOU! Crazy, I know. Here me out.

One of the biggest problems in decreased gas mileage and fuel efficiency is actually your driving habits. I know you've heard it all before, but you can really do something about it if you try.

Take the following steps and try one of them each day.

Step1: Speeding. Ah, yes, the age-old adage that you need to SLOW DOWN. But don't just do it for your health. Do it for your wallet. Going speeds of over 65 miles per hour can decrease your gas mileage as much as 40%! OUCH! Try to keep it lower. And believe it or not, if you go this speed, you will only take on average around 5 minutes longer to reach your destination. A price that is worth more than it's weight in gold.

Step2: Tailgating. If you bumper buddy the guy in front of you, you must drive more erratically. You never know what the guy in front of you is going to do. You must accelerate and brake harshly in order to stay glued to his bumper. Stay your distance. If you simply must pass him, do it. Don't let him know he has to speed up. That is his choice. You need to worry about yourself and your wallet, not other people's. It is not only safer, but also more fuel efficient.

Step 3: Jackrabbit starts. Yep, peeling out may look cool off of the green light, but you pay for it. Figuratively and literally. You reduce fuel economy by around 21% every time you burn out. I hope you impressed someone when you did it because that is a hefty price to pay for 2 seconds of fun.

Step 4: Harsh Braking. When you brake harshly, that means you are using fuel all the way until you have to brake, which is a total waste. Allow your car to slow to a stop by itself. It is much better for the car and your brakes and your gas and your wallet and your... do I need to go on?

Step 5: Excessive Idling. Sitting at the drive through? Waiting for the bank teller? Drive-thru Pharmacy taking awhile? Shut that baby off. If you are going to be idling for more than 1 minute, turn off your engine. It takes more fuel to keep it running than if you just stopped and started it again.

If you follow these five easy steps, you will see a TREMENDOUS improvement in your gas mileage. But you will also be safer on the road. Your car will last longer because you are not as rough on it, which will, in turn give you a longer and better running engine. It is great to be safe. And it is great to save money, too!

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