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Air Powered Car: The Car of the Future

The air powered car is set to arrive at the American soil. This is the latest news confirmed by Zero Pollution Motors, the official dealer of the car. They say that the car is expected to be available by 2010. Air powered cars are special cars that are equipped with a compression-based engine rather than the usual internal combustion engine. An estimated 10,000 units of this car are expected to be manufactured and sold to U.S. consumers every year.

Right now, the Air Car is a two-seater car that runs on a 75 horsepower engine. However, ZPM is looking to create a three-seat to a six seat car for added convenience. This car is expected to run at a top speed of 96 miles per hour with a maximum single journey mileage of 1000 miles.

The special engine that the car has processes the heat from the fuel and transforms it into air that can power up the car. The car is set to use conventional fuel to run. It can operate on regular petrol, biofuel, ethanol, gasoline, or diesel. But unlike regular cars, this one can cover anywhere from 800 to 1000 miles on just a tiny fill-up. The air powered car will hit the market with an estimate fuel capacity of 8 gallons.

Right now, the car is being produced in India. It is making waves in the market today because it consumes lesser fuel than a conventional car. And a lot of Americans are very interested to see the first few models of the car.

ZPM says that the car is set to be sold at only $17,800 a piece. For that small price, you can save big time on fuel and enjoy better mileage at the same time. The only downside of this car is that it looks small and can only carry a few passengers at a time.

Compared to the big sports car, air powered cars are not that fast. Therefore, these cars are only fit for everyday city driving, preferably for travel to and from the office. It is a nice compact car that can fit even in a small space. This is good news for some, who always encounter problems when parking.

The air powered car is expected to rouse the curiosity of the frugal population. With the rising costs of fuel, people are now looking for countless of ways to save. Carpools are starting to be popular again. People are beginning to plan their journeys better so that they don�t have to waste any more gas than they have to.

The entry of the air powered car in the car industry can be considered a technological revolution. This simple invention allows people not to be too dependent on expensive fuel and maximize its use even. It is a welcoming addition to the improving car choices of consumers.

Hopefully, this car would stay around for such a long time. And optimistically, the technology is truly fool-proof, just like what its manufacturers are saying. The anticipation for this car builds every minute. The locals are counting the days that it would become available from their local dealer.

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Cristian Stan

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