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2nd Spiderweb: Can You Believe a Broken Wrist Saved My Business? - Articles Surfing

Since I started to establish an internet business less than 12 months ago, I*ve tried to keep up a flow of articles which focus on the realities of internet marketing, particularly for new recruits like me.

Sadly, some 3 months ago, I fell down a flight of stairs and amongst other things, I broke my wrist. It was entirely my own fault, but it sure has made it difficult to write. My infant business had to be placed on life support.

But, believe it or not, the accident has turned out to be a godsend. Since I couldn't do anything for the first couple of months, I was forced instead to THINK. Particularly think about my business or, lack thereof and try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I realized, I didn't really have a handle on my own business. I was everywhere, trying new things and taking on more programs and systems than it was humanly possible for me to work with. Some of them I didn't even fully understand.

Even today, somewhere, in the depth of my hard drive is a folder with dozens of programs, some of them still in the Zip files. I was going to study them ....one day. Now, it embarrasses me to think of it and it'll be awhile before I muster the courage to find that folder.

About a month ago, I finally felt well enough to return to the internet for a little while each day. It was mostly to read and to practice my one finger typing. What really excited me was that a fundamental change had occurred in my thinking.

I started looking for a program, and yes, I said (a) program, just one, which could fulfil the criteria I had formulated while I was off the computer. It worked like this; it had to be easy to understand and it had to make sense to anyone. Even to those not involved on the internet.

The program had to have more than one source of income, I wanted it to be flexible and I wanted it to have a comprehensive training program for setting up and operating the system. I did not want it to be subscription based, and finally, I wanted it to be cheap. I wanted a system I would be proud to recommend to anyone, including my own family.

Are you thinking; She is expects way too much and she's unrealistic? Maybe, but you see, I had the time to look, I could work the mouse, and I could be very picky because I wasn't in a position to do much else anyway. So I researched and kept looking, until I unexpectedly found something which was so good, I simply couldn't afford to pass it up.

So right there, at that moment, I decided that typing with one finger really wasn't such a big deal.

You probably wonder if this program/system, can match my criteria. Frankly, it doesn*t, it exceeds it. The program is free and this is not one of those occasions where you sign up for free and then they tell you what you need to pay to make it really work. In this case, free actually means just that FREE.

The system is extremely flexible, yet it combines 22 individual, passive streams of income, all of them resourced from large reputable companies. It also comes with the best comprehensive training program I have ever seen.

The program is still in beta, so there are occasional bugs in the system, but experience has taught me that beta is a good thing. It's a chance for a regular person like me to get to promote a product before the Guru's get in there and suck the life out of it.

One of the 22 streams of income is a bank. The bank is brand new to the internet and to promote their presence on the net, they pay $100, for each and every sign up, to both the seller and the buyer. I can't think what could be better than that.

I have wondered many times, why has this kind of system never been done before? But all I'll say is, unless you have two broken wrists, or are making way too much money already, this is something you truly cannot afford to miss.

Submitted by:

Kirsten Plotkin

Kirsten Plotkin URL: http://thespiderwebsystem.com/trilink2002 Email: kirstenplotkin@gmail.com



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