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First Look- The site looks like your typical sales site. One veeerrry long page, which starts out with a letter saying *Dear Friend*. This'll be interesting. I don*t understand how an e-book could help people lose weight and gain muscle. However, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and explore more. Good thing I did! The product is actually an MP3 containing tele-seminar recordings and 6 hours of content. They also provide the transcripts of the recordings. I enjoy following along to tapes with something in my hand, so its good for me that you can print it out. The price is reasonable, considering the content. At $47.00, it's not going to Starbucks for a week or so. Heck, you can start dieting while you save money in the jar for the recordings!

Promises/Claims- They promise many things, after all, this is a fitness product! I'll list some of the ones I thought were more important on here. Check out the link at the bottom of this review for all of them.

Audio #1- Goal Setting And Mental Training Strategies For Unstoppable Motivation

* How to *reprogram* your subconscious mind for die-hard persistence. Once you listen to this part, and do the mind-training Tom has you do, you'll laugh at how much you used to *procrastinate* before.

* A mental mind-game to do every morning, to get your mindset set on success every day. If you do this, you'll never fall into self-sabotage again.

* How to develop DIE-HARD consistence with your exercising, training, and eating habits, to set yourself up for success.

* A way to overcome the biggest obstacle in improving your body. The old *I don*t have the time* problem. How to *find the time* and transform your body despite your busy schedule.

* How to use the power of associations and pain & pleasure to curb your appetite and stop comfort eating.

* The power of *chunking.* How to feel completely clear and certain about your training, without being overwhelmed! When you apply this, you'll be surprised when you find yourself *looking forward* to following your fat burning, muscle building plan!

* A powerful method to make sure you never get *bummed out* and *de-motivated* so you'll never have to *make* yourself get up and take action.

* Changing your focus to make sure you have an incredible amount of energy all day to achieve your body and health goals. (This one method is worth the entire tele-seminar series)

Alright, alright. I admit it. This disk excited me so much I had to post the whole thing. Oh my god. Pardon me, while I gape. IF these things are true, wow. Right now, I*m going to give it a 12 on a scale of 1-10.

Audio #2-Nutrition Fundamentals For Health, Energy, Fat Loss And Muscle Growth

* Overcoming food cravings. How to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan.

* How to build a diet that totally empowers you, keeps your body energized and lets your body burn fat. While you enjoy what you*re eating.

* The ONE thing you must do at the end of each day, for 5 minutes, to guarantee your success. hint: it doesn*t involve eating or exercise. Tom said this is the most critical point to remember daily.

Well, not as exciting. I didn*t post everything this time. However, put it in perspective of tennis. If you know the technique, then the mind game is of the utmost importance. But you have to know the technique in the first place! Similarly, you need to know how to lose weight, before you learn how to get your mind to stay on track.

Audio #3, Training And Nutrition Strategies For Fat Loss

* After 4 weeks of training, your body usually goes into a *plateau* and result stop coming. Tom will share his most powerful strategy to overcome this. The *zig zag* method. aka: *calorie-cycling*

* How to tell if your body is *carb sensitive.* If your body is *carb sensitive*, will NOT burn fat unless you make this one change in your nutrition plan. This is easy to understand, and Tom explains it very thoroughly.

* Why most people NEVER lose weight, because they miss the one critical element of a successful fat burning program. hint: it has to do with starving yourself (you DON*T need to go on a diet!)

* The truth about fat burning supplement. Tom get's approached by multi-milliondollar supplement companies every month to promote their products. He gives them the finger every-time. You'll learn exactly why.

I*m liking this disk. I hate the idea of supplements as well: if you eat right, you don*t need supplements! Also, I would love to find out how to get past that plateau. I bet everyone has gotten there at some point or the other.

Audio #4, Training And Nutrition Strategies For Muscle Growth

* Why most people who try to gain muscle, gain more FAT than they gain muscle, becuase they don*t know one simple nutrition princple. You'll learn how to avoid this common pitfall.

* Muscle building supplement: There is only one muscle building supplement that Tom recommends.

* How to overcome plateaus(slow or no results) in your training with the law of adaptation and muscle confusion.

* The secret of *nutrient timing* - Adding this one element to your training can make the difference between no results, and success.

I*m confused about the *muscle building supplement* part. I think its probably going to be something witty, like lots of water, but could be him endorsing something. The other points seem enticing though. I*m very excited about this.

Onsite Testimonials- He doesn*t flood the whole page with testimonials. That just annoys me most of the time: okay, okay, I get it, everyone loves your product! There are three testimonials, and all of them emphasize how much his *mental* tips helped them out.

Now I*m going to begin looking at forums, reviews, and articles off his site.

The forums generally seem to have the most honest reviews, because the forum members are just people chatting about the selected topic.

Here are some quotes from forums:

*I think that Venuto goes way above and beyond with this, and there's far more nutritional information - and it's understandable! - to be found here than anywhere else. Even people with a *good grasp* could definitely benefit. The only drawback that I could see is maybe there wasn*t enough information on workouts, but I think it just appears that way because there's so much on nutrition. There's more than enough to start and effective and efficient plan.*

*I love the book*.as soon as i read the first chapter*i was pumped!!! it helps with everything as these guys say*from mental prep. to grading foods to weight training*.its got everything but how to make a buldowser out of duct tape (seek McGiver for that)*

*Venuto seems to really know his stuff* I just got the book a few days ago and I*m working through it (it's huge - 300+ pages) and it has an astounding amount of information. Personally, I wish it was a hard copy - I*d probably be willing to pay more for it - but I guess this way is cheaper and more portable. I*m just a little more than half way done, but I*ve learned a lot already.

I'll have to look into the other stuff you guys recommended. I*m gonna try and finish up BFFM first though *

This is tough, I can*t find a negative sentence. Other than it having too much information, nothing really bad about this!

Also, this guy has a TON of articles posted around the net. To me, it shows he really knows his stuff. Here's some of his articles. I found dozens of others as well. One that interested me was titled *Nutrition Or Training - Which Is More Important*. I suggest looking through his free articles.

Verdict: Burn The Fat is an amazing resource. It has virtually no complaints, other than being too big, and perhaps not having enough material on lifting weights. Really doesn*t matter if your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, or become Mr. Universe! Its good for anybody.

Submitted by:

Anil Panjwani

Check out Burn The Fat MP3 and other products at Anil Panjwani's tennis blog NOW!



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