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A maxim I often use in my business is *monkey see, monkey do.* What do I mean by that? Your down-line (I prefer the term business partner) will do exactly what you do, so it's important to watch your P's and Q*s.

When you register a new person I*m sure you suggest to them they should place the first order with at least 2 cases ADP but do you tell them why? Do you explain just what ADP means and why they should be on it? Do you even know yourself? If not call me at the telephone number or email address given below and we need to talk.

Did you know the IRS considers the purchase of one case of product signifies for personal consumption and as such is not tax deductible? Whereas the purchase of two or more cases of product signifies business and as such the cost for all of it is a tax deduction?

Did you know, if you drive to your J.O.B. and make even one stop to leave off a tape for business purposes the cost of gas to drive to work is tax deductible?

Did you know, if you work for somebody and they provide you with a 401K for instance you must declare that as income on your 1040, BUT if you are self-employed the IRS lets you *hide* up to $40,000 of 401K before you file?

Are you aware that corporate is finally getting tough on those unscrupulous distributors who in their greed to make profit rapidly have been selling the product, which is supposed to be purchased through a sanctioned distributor or the company, through such places as auction houses, unsanctioned websites etc?

I remember several months ago the daughter of a man who wanted to use our product for a serious illness was told by an individual that he would sell her dad the product at wholesale with no shipping and handling. She convinced her dad to buy it that way. When he told me the amount of his check I sat down with my calculator and found out he paid more from him than if he had bought it directly from the company.

I applaud the company for attempting to protect their people in the field.

Now I briefly want to tell about a clinical study conducted by Dr. Vaughn Johnson, a board certified
physician from Spokane, WA done on 47 volunteers in Dr. Johnson's own words.

**Dr Johnson did a mini clinical trial on the effect of Original Mangosteen juice on a marker for systemic inflammation; Highly Sensitive C- Reactive Protein (hs-crp). A level of 1.0 to 3.0 is considered normal. Greater than 3.0 is considered high risk

*Method: Take blood samples from 47 patients. Determine HS-CRP Levels. Administer 2
oz of Original mangosteen juice once per day. Continue for 30 days. Take blood samples and measure HS-CRP again.

Two ounces was selected as the dose so that two bottles would last one month.

*Results:* All of the 38 patients who returned for the follow up test lowered their HS-CRP levels into the normal range. 9 patients did not return
for their follow up test. The following table lists typical results

* Sample # Initial 30 Days
1 55.0 2.7
2 26.0 1.3
3 12.6 1.8
4 8.4 2.2
5 6.8 1.1

*Comments:* The above five samples were selected for illustration purposes because after the completion of the test *all of these individuals* stopped taking Original Mangosteen and took other mangosteen based products instead.

*Other mangosteen products:* All five returned to their initial high risk CRP levels after using the other mangosteen products. In fact, sample 2
increased to 28, i.e. two points above the initial value. Dr. Johnson then put each of these patients back on Original Mangosteen juice and all of the CRP numbers came back down.

Dr. Johnson concluded that all mangosteen supplements are *not created equal* and that the whole fruit puree, Original Mangosteen formula produced the results he has witnessed due to the synergy of all of the Xanthones and other components working together.*

I encourage all representatives to show this article, performed and written by a Board certified physician, to all prospects questioning the veracity of your product.

I am marketing representative for Xango LLC. My address is Freda Douglas, P. O. Box 155, Eva, AL 35621, my telephone number is 256-796-0651. My email address is gloryb2u@fredadouglas.com. (can-spam)

Feel free to use this article without changes and always use the credits as stated.

You may visit http://www.fredadouglas.xpowerpro.com and http://www.write-queen-fredabd.biz if you would like to know what I do when I*m not writing.

If you write me at the above given email address, giving me their first (required) name, last name (optional), email address (required) and phone number with area code (required) will receive immediate download directions for a F.R.E.E. ebook which I like well enough to put in my own library. (Many get tossed after I read them.)

You may use this article for whatever as long as you don*t make changes to the copy and retain any credits.

Submitted by:

Freda Douglas

Freda Douglas, marketing representative 4118848. my address is P. O. B. 155, Eva, AL35621, and my email address is Gloryb2u@fredadouglas.com. (can-spam). You may visit my website at http://www.fredadouglas.xpowerpro.com



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