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Find Your Why And Know Your Where - Articles Surfing

First off, if you want to become successful at anything in life you have to have a why. What on earth is a why, you say? Well lucky for you I am just about to let you know what a why is because without one, your probably not going to make it very far!

Your WHY is the reason why you want to be successful. The reason why you start a business. *I want to make money you dummy!* That's probably what your thinking to yourself right now, right? Well that's not good enough! That's right your going to have to do a lot better than that. Everyone wants to make money and as you can see, not everybody is successful with their money making ventures. That's just not specific enough. You have to have a compelling reason that's pushing you forward with a force so great that it will push you right through the walls in your path and right over the obstacles in your way.

What is your why? I can not tell you what your why is, only you can figure that out for you. I know my why. I know what keeps me going when things get tough, when I want to quit and when I have just made a big whopper of a mistake that costs me. Now you are going to have to dig down deep inside yourself and figure out your why.

Some people's why will be very easy for them to figure out. They want to make enough money to pay for their kids a good education or they want to buy a motor home and travel the country with their wife to rekindle the flames that have started to die down. Or maybe the situation is more dire, maybe they need money to pay for the health care of a relative with a serious illness. I hope your why is not a serious illness. I*m just trying to give you some strong examples here.

These are all very specific reasons to be motivated. You can also estimate pretty closely the amount of money you will need to make to handle these specific problems or situations.

That brings us to the second step to your success. You need to know WHERE you are going. Have a specific destination in mind. How on earth are you going to get to where you want to go if you don*t know where it is you want to go? When you go on vacation you need a roadmap to get you where to your destination. And you*re going to have to have a financial roadmap (goals) to get you to your financial destination.

Write out your goals and be very specific. If you want to make 10,000 dollars a month write it down and believe with all your heart that its already yours and all you have to do is reach out and take it. The power that is in belief is unstoppable. The trick is you have to really believe it and want it with all your heart.

Now get even more specific. I like to call it stair stepping your goals. When you walk up to a large flight of stairs you don*t try to step from the bottom to the top do you? No, you take it one step at a time. It's the same thing with your financial journey. Your at the beginning or bottom of the stair case. Your probably not going to leap to the top and make 10,000 dollars over night. Take it one step at a time and don*t get ahead of yourself or you will wind up tripping and falling down the stairs and then you will have to start all over at the bottom again bruised and battered.

Here is an example of how you may start out:

Goal 1. I will be making 2,000 dollars per month in 3 months time.

To help me achieve this I will:
A. use a proven duplicative system that has worked for others
B. write at least 3 articles per week
C. start a Google adwords account
D. advertise in ezines

Goal 2. I will be making 5,000 dollars per month in 6 months time.

To help me achieve this I will:
A. continue with the above steps
B. post to affiliate marketing business forums at least a few times per day
C. start an affiliate marketing business blog

Goal 3. I will be making 10,000 dollars per month in 9 months time.

To help me achieve this I will:
A. continue with the above steps
B. start an article directory on my site
C. add offline marketing techniques to my arsenal

There you have it. A very specific plan to get you from 0 to 10,000 dollars a month in 9 months time. Let me stress this is just an example. We don*t all have the same dreams or financial goals. I just wanted to illustrate the process. It's up to you to find your WHY and know your WHERE. And then you will have to start from there and fill in the blanks.

Submitted by:

Aaron Kirk

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