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Now is the time to invest in commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures and retire that outdated, and soon to be illegal, incandescent technology.

It serves none of us to continue using incandescent lights in commercial warehouses with a ban on incandescent lighting of all varieties coming soon. Now is the time to invest in commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures and retire that outdated, and soon to be illegal, incandescent technology. Commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures come in every shape and size and provide the ideal replacement for incandescent lights. This includes ceiling mount lights, hanging fluorescent strips, fluorescent wall packs, floodlights, loading dock lighting and even fluorescent, commercial high bay lighting fixtures.

What is the main advantage of commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures?

By far the longevity of the fluorescent lamp is the greatest benefit to industrial clients looking to make the most of their procurement dollars and reduce overhead for a power-saving return on investment. The terms of average lamp life and lumen output per watt makes any commercial fluorescent light fixture a highly efficient source of illumination. Fluorescent lamps generate very little heat and will maintain cooler temperatures in workshops, warehouses, and other areas where minimizing radiant heat creates a safe and optimal work environment for workers. Reduced maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption add up over time to savings that exceed the cost of initial purchase.

Do you know how a fluorescent lamp works anyway?

Fluorescent lamps create light by passing an electric arc between tungsten cathodes in a tube filled with a low-pressure mercury vapor mixed with other luminous gases. The arc excites the mercury vapor, which in turn generates radiant energy- primarily in the ultraviolet range. This energy causes the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube to fluoresce, converting the ultraviolet into visible light.

What are the electrical requirements for fluorescent lamps?

To start the fluorescent lamp, a high voltage surge must establish an arc in the mercury vapor. Once the lamp is started, the gas offers a decreasing amount of resistance. This means that current must be regulated to match this drop. Otherwise, the lamp will draw more and more power and rapidly burn itself out. This is why magnetic or electronic ballasts that provide the required starting voltage and control the subsequent flow of current to the lamp must operate fluorescent lights.

Most companies carry many varieties of commercial warehouse fluorescent lighting fixtures regardless of where lighting is needed in the facility. Some of the more popular types follow:

Wall Pack Lights

Fluorescent wall pack lighting fixtures are used to beef up security at entrance doorways, corridors, service areas, loading docks, and other venues that require a utility light source. Wall pack fixtures typically have vandal proof lenses and are difficult for intruders to dismantle.

Outdoor Floodlights

Fluorescent outdoor floodlights are used to illuminate outdoor signs, building facades, courtyards and smoking areas. They care suited for installation at grade level on junction boxes as well as on building pointed in a downward position.

Loading Dock Lights

Commercial fluorescent lights help loading docks maintain clear visibility for 18-wheelers and delivery trucks. Mounted on telescoping or swing arms, fluorescent dock lights are very durable, start instantaneously, and do not require a start up period. They prove their usefulness every time the power is accidentally unplugged or when the electricity goes off momentarily.

Vandal proof Canopy Lights

Fluorescent vandal proof lights help property managers protect their investment. These commercial fluorescent lights keep parking garages, car washes, storage facilities, warehouses with low ceilings, and other properties clearly visible with a dependable commercial lighting source. Fluorescent canopy lights fixtures are rock solid and have vandal proof lenses that are difficult for intruders, customers, or employees to disable. Models are available in both square and rectangular formats.

Submitted by:

Camille Howe

Easyrack.org for more information on commercial lighting or fluorecent light fixtures please visit us.



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