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How A Success Coach Can Give You The Edge To Succeed - Articles Surfing

Are you ready to take off to the next level of success? Do you have any concerns about hitting your ceiling? What does real success mean to you? If you don't know what, you want you will have great difficulty in getting there. Entrepreneurs all over the world are turning to coaches to insure their success.

What is a coach?

Coaching is a profession that has synthesized the best from psychology, business, communication, mentoring, consulting, sports, philosophy, spirituality, sports and finance. A coach challenges you and provides the tools, structure and support you need every step of the way. A coach is a navigator that keeps you and your business on the course you really want to be on. Ever notice how easy it is to give someone advice, but when it comes to your own life your blinded by your emotions. A coach takes off your blinders while taking on a helicopter view of your entire life. A coach draws the answers out of you. A coach helps you define your goals, establish a structured action plan and helps you achieve your objectives by providing constructive feedback and structure. A coach helps you to define what success really means to you, instead of wasting your time chasing someone else's definition of success.

Why does coaching work?

You are accountable to someone other than yourself.

You get an objective viewpoint from someone who has no hidden agenda

You get consistent structure and support.

You maximize and leverage every action, investment and opportunity in your life, while minimizing your effort and risks.

Because coaching sessions are conducted mostly by telephone, coaches are working with clients on the patio, balcony, beach, mountains, hotel rooms, airplanes and cars. Clients typically call weekly for their scheduled 30 to 60 minute coaching session. The sessions are free-form discussions of whatever goal or problem the client wants to talk about.

The Top Reasons Why A Coach Can Give You The Edge To Succeed.

1. Increase your business and make and keep more money.

You're probably worth more than your making. Why charge what you think you are worth. Charge what others are charging. A coach can help you to identify all the hidden assets in your business. For example, what other products or services can you market to your existing client base? What other companies are marketing to your clients and how to set up joint venture arrangements to market to each other's clients? A coach will help you to build you business on a foundation of multiple profit sources. Most importantly to stop chasing, selling and promoting your business and begin to effortlessly attract business. The key is to have a profitable business. Coaches help clients to leverage their ability to improve the financial bottom line, make money, add more value to their customers, proper pricing, and productivity. A coach will help you to have money instead of money having you.

2. Get more done in less time.

Lack of structure is one of the things that holds entrepreneur's back. Structure is like an insurance policy against all the things that can and usually do come up in life. With the proper structures in place you can weather any storm. The objective in coaching is to set up structures in every area of your life and business. A structure for your goals, attracting clients, maintaining your self-care, etc. Entrepreneurs resist structure. They feel suffocated by it. The irony is that with the right structure the Entrepreneur is freer to create. Hire people and services to handle many of your business and personal needs. Most entrepreneurs do better when they are fully supported. What would happen to your business if you were not able to be there for 6 months? Would your business thrive and survive? The more structure that is in place the freer your business is to run without you. Request that each employee create a training manual for their current position and create accountability for their actions. Design the measures of success and failure in your business. Get daily and weekly reports that tell you worthwhile measurable's so you can make confident decisions about the future of your company.

3. Communicate Much More Effectively

Be clear about what you need and communicate it elegantly to the people around you. A coach helps you to have the language to handle confrontations. People tend to avoid confrontations and this usually ends up making their lives very messy. When you have the right skills available to communicate effectively you open yourself to having quality relationships. You restore your integrity in every area of your life and business. You'll be much more effective and influential with others. A coach is an expert communicator and trains clients on how to come across better, relate well with others, listen, influence, coach, motivate, inspire and support others. One of the most useful communication tools is speaking in charge neutral. When you learn how to use charge neutral you can say anything to anyone at any time. Charge neutral is very simple. You say the words without any charge or intonation in your voice. Say the same sentence twice. Once with a lot of intonation and the second time without any edge or charge in your voice. When you speak in charge neutral you allow the other person to simply hear your words without any opinion or judgment.

4. Someone In Your Life With No Hidden Agenda.

A coach has no emotional involvement and can see things much clearer. People tend to give you advice based on how it will affect their relationship with you. It's human nature. Because a coach has no hidden agenda, you always get the straight truth. With a coach you will be heard. Entrepreneurs need to know that someone is listening to them. When you feel heard it creates an environment for wisdom and truth to flow naturally. For some people a coach is the only place they feel validated, listened to and receive plenty of attention and recognition.

5. Simplify Your Life

You'll have a better life, not just a better lifestyle. The term "quality of life" has become overused in the past few years. Americans seeking to create a much better life for themselves is accelerating. People are reexamining what they had assumed the "good life" was and are now designing their life. They are willing to break the rules and turn their backs on conventional wisdom in the process. Simplify means to reduce the number of roles, commitments, goals and projects etc. A coach can help you shape and design your life exactly the way you want it to be.

6. Become Extremely Effective

A highly effective person is someone who gets the smart thing done in hours, not months. An extremely effective person can get the same thing done in seconds. The more you can feel, see, hear and experience the more effective you are. A coach will increase your awareness by removing the blocks to your natural awareness. Some of the things that may be in your way . . . old paradigms, false assumptions, limiting beliefs, etc. One of the key components in effectiveness is to move your self care up to first class. In order to be effective you need to maintain high standards of health. If you are not healthy it is impossible to be effective. Another contributing factor to being effective is to recognize and eliminate any high hidden "life costs". These are things that may look like an opportunity, but the hidden cost of that opportunity may affect you in the other areas of your life. For example, I will not coach someone who really needs therapy. The opportunity to coach that person may cause an emotional drain on me that would effect my other clients. The cost far outweighs the opportunity. A coach will help you be more effective both personally and professionally.

7. You Become and Attraction Magnet:

It's time to get rid of all the stuff in the way of your success. That may mean simplifying, completing old stuff, getting rid of, or changing beliefs, habits, people, stuff, etc. The simplest way to create wealth may not be able to find you with all your stuff in the way. When you have cleaned up everything, you truly become a magnet. You become simply irresistible! One of the greatest ways to attract success is to be very clear about what you want and stay focused on your outcome but release your attachment to how it will show up in your life. Let go of the process stay focused on the end result. People become so blind to what is blocking them in their environment. A coach looks at your environment with a fresh pair of eyes and helps detect what's been in your way, so you can be free to attract your ideal vision of success!

Are You A Coaching Candidate?

1. Do you spend your day putting out fires?
2. Do you have any concerns about your business running at maximum profitability?
3. Do you run your business on the edge?
4. Do the same problems continually resurface?
5. Do you have difficulty finding someone you trust who can give you an objective viewpoint and bounce ideas off of?
6. Is your business running you ?
7. Do you find that you are unable to make the most of all the opportunities in your life?
8. Do you experience roller coaster highs and lows in your business?
9. Do you have a lone ranger lifestyle?
10. Do you allow your goals and purpose to get sidetracked?
11. Do you lack having a clear, measurable action plan to fulfill your goals?
12. Do you lack structure?
13. Do you lack inner fulfillment?
14. Do you spend most of your day working "in" your business instead of "on" it?
15. Are you a workaholic?
16. Are you experiencing a lack of balance in your life and business?
17. Are you committed to growing yourself and your company?
18. Are you coachable? (Are you willing to hear and act on another's person's viewpoint?)
19. Do you lack a clear financial plan for your future?
20. Are you willing to be truthful and restore your integrity?

* If you answered yes to more than three of these questions you can benefit from a coach.

Questions A Coach May Ask You:

* What five opportunities are you leaving on the table?
* How might you sabotage our professional relationship?
* How have you been motivated in the past to reach difficult goals or make difficult decisions? How can we best utilize that motivation now?
* How would you do this differently if you were willing to let it be easy?
* What would happen if you showed up ten times more bolder this week in every aspect of your life?
* What are the 10 things you are tolerating or putting up with that are preventing you from performing at your best?

Submitted by:

Nancy Powers

Nancy M. Powers is a professional success coach, writer, and captivating keynote speaker who leads seminars on personal development and communications. She specializes in coaching CEO's, Entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve tangible results. Nancy provides the tools, structure, accountability and support you'll need every step of the way towards your success. Drawing on her experience and dedication to research, she responds with training that produces solid, quantifiable, bottom-line results. Some of her firm's clients include, Allstate, New York Life, IDS American Express, Prudential Real Estate, Prudential Securities, Paine Webber, etc. Discover for yourself how you can have a coach with a money back guarantee (305) 653-8833. http://www.NancyPowers.com - Or you can E-mail her at: Icoachyou@gmail.com



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