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How To 100% Guarantee You Have A Superstar On Your MLM Team - Articles Surfing

The excitement filled the air in the crowded room as I sat down next to my sponsor. It was 1996 and my company was putting on a "Regional Rally" at which the top income earner was scheduled to speak.

Little did I know, I was about to get my first real taste of what it would take to be successful in this business. And to my surprise, it wouldn't come from the gentleman at the front of the room. It would come from the young lady sitting next to me.

After some wild cheering and everyone took their seats, the distributor in front of us whispered to his wife, "Man, the person who recruited him is so lucky. If I could find just one superstar like that for our team, we could retire right now!"

Without thinking twice, my sponsor "Stephanie" leaned forward and said to him, "You can have a superstar like that on your team if you really want".

The man whipped around quickly and asked, "How?"

Stephanie replied, "YOU become a superstar!"

She was right.

Sadly, this industry is saturated with the "lottery mentality". The kind which makes people buy a lottery ticket because it gives them hope they might actually win while doing next to nothing to earn it.

Unfortunately, very few distributors (only 5% to be exact) will ever make the effort to learn what it takes to be successful and even fewer will actually go out and apply it on a consistent basis. All the while, hoping someone else will find a superstar they can override. Of course that never works. Here's a quote that pretty much sums it up.

"You will continue to be un________ as long as you depend on others to make you _________" - Dan Kennedy

(fill in the blanks with words like "successful" or "happy")

Probably a better word for superstar, guru, heavy hitter or top income earner is the word "leader". A leader is someone who has developed his or herself over time. So, a leader is made, not born. Therefore, if want to become a leader, you can. It just takes time.

Let me ask you a quick question. Have you ever seen someone join an MLM and in almost no time flat that person is at the top of the compensation plan? Of course you have.

Well guess what, here's a little insider secret to their success. When you see someone join an MLM and become an "overnight success", what you don't see are the last 5-10 years that person spent learning and developing into a leader.

So, what exactly does it take to become a leader? Well for starters, leaders...

* Accept FULL responsibility for the success or failure of their business.

* Invest time, energy, and money into their business constantly.

* Get to work even when they don't feel like it.

* Are the first to sign up for the next convention and always sit in the front.

* Lead by example and inspire others by action.

* Encourage and challenge others to do their best always.

* Give without expecting anything in return.

* Participate in every conference call, training, and meeting.

* Don't make excuses and they don't blame others.

* Read, study, and work on personal development continuously.

* Turn off distractions such as the TV, radio, internet etc.

* Have balance in their business, family, and personal lives.

* Are 100% positive and have zero tolerance for negativity from anyone.

* Promote everything about their company, business, and products.

* Recognize the accomplishments of everyone on their team from the top down.

* Never consider failure as an option.

Starting to get the picture? The bottom line is, your business will never grow bigger than you. Therefore, if you want your business to grow, you must grow.

And here's the bigger picture. If you take the time to develop these leadership skills, eventually you will be able to build any rock-solid business you want and never depend on anyone to build your business for you, because you will be the superstar!

Submitted by:

Joe Luna

Joe Luna educates network marketers about traditional and non-traditional business building strategies. Discover free powerful business building tips at http://skyrocketmarketing.com This article comes with free reprint and free redistribution rights which mean you can use it for your ezines, websites, newsletters, etc. The only requirements are that all links must remain in place and the article cannot be modified in any way.



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