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37,000 Cancer Patients Will Die Without Health Insurance - Articles Surfing

It is hard to imagine that living in the most prosperous and powerful country in the whole world that there are over 47 million people in the United States who have no health insurance. That translates into 1 in 10 people without health care coverage in America. Our annual cost for health coverage, per capita, is nearly double that of health care in other countries. And for that amount of money, American citizens should definitely enjoy the best health services in the world.

But, the sad truth is we don*t. And what's even sadder are the statistics that abide with those who have illnesses such as cancer. Of the 560,000 people with cancer who will die from their disease, The American Cancer Society estimates that 37,000 of those people will die with no health insurance. With alarming numbers like that, what can be done? Is there really a solution?

These people have a double battle to wage. One for their physical health, and the other for their finance health. As if facing cancer wasn*t hard enough, it's unimaginable having to face it without adequate health insurance. The high cost of health care has stopped many a persons from getting preventive care, which in most cases, allows doctors to catch cancer when it's most treatable, in the early stages of the disease.

How many people have gotten the door of health insurance slammed in their faces by insurance companies who tell them they are uninsurable because they have what's deemed as a pre-existing condition? I always thought that health care was for the sick, since they are the ones who need it most. Insurance companies want to insure those who are young and healthy. But what they are doing is risky, and they are risking the lives of millions of people everyday.

It's not just the destitute who are unable to afford health insurance, these days. This grisly, greedy monster is now knocking on the doors of the middle-class and even the financially fit. With the cost of health care rising by double-digits, each year, hardly anyone is able to keep up. People are paying more for their health care coverage and getting less.

Ask yourself a question. Is anyone getting spectacular health benefits on their jobs, anymore? Look at your own situation. Are your health benefits what they used to be? Or, are you like everyone else * paying more and getting less? Even if you are still receiving great benefits on your job, count your blessings because you*re among the elite few.

I don*t mean to be a bearer of bad news, but the trend that is now in place is suggesting that it won*t last long. More and more companies and individuals are looking for alternatives to traditional health care. And the good news is, there are wonderful alternatives available.

The best I*ve seen are what have been termed as Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) plans. Like it or not, this is where the market is going, so your best bet is to embrace it for the wonder that it is.

What it is doing is putting the delivery of health care where it ought to be * back in the hands of the consumer and not the insurance company. The plans are sold at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance plans, and the consumer gets more for their money.

If you*re faced with fighting a disease as costly as cancer can be, and you find yourself without health care coverage, it would be to your advantage to investigate a CDHC. There are reputable companies out there just waiting for you to call on them.

Don*t subject yourself to the rejection of health insurance companies who don*t want to help you in your time of need any longer. It's time to fight back. This time, hit them where it hurts * in their pocketbooks!

Take the time to find a Consumer Driven Health Care plan that suits the needs of you and your family. I guarantee, you'll be glad that you did.

Submitted by:

Nicole Calhoun

Nicole enjoys spending time with her son, Jordan and her husband, Muri. She is also very passionate about helping people with their fight against cancer, either by assisting them with their prescription costs or offering an alternative to traditional health insurance. If you would like more information about how you can receive FREE cancer meds or if you*re interested in reducing your medical bills by up to 50%, please contact Nicole.http://www.freecancermeds.com



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