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Alternative Medicine And Cancer

One of the most frequent uses for alternative cancer treatment is in the management of chronic ailment. Alternative cancer treatment systems work together with conventional treatments for illnesses like cancer. Most of the chronic conditions are considered incurable and treatment is aimed at slowing the progress of the disease and alleviating symptoms.

Most official bodies of medicine that handle chronic illness maintain the position that giving information on alternative cancer treatment is the best approach. Therefore, you'll discover information on the American Cancer Institute web site, as well as on government health information web sites, concerning the use of alternative therapies, continuing clinical trials and ways that alternative cancer treatment like massage, herbal medicines and other similar therapies can have a positive impact on treatment or ease the painful side effects and symptoms of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation.

Of particular note, the following alternative cancer treatment and therapies are used in treating cancer:

Nutrition Based

The specific recommendations for diet depend on the variety of cancer, but The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute both offer the following guidelines for diet and nutrition for cancer patients:

1. Consume natural, whole foods.
2. Whole grains are better than processed food.
3. Eat no less than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet.
4. Take a high quality multivitamin supplement to support your immune system.

Herbal Remedies

Exact herb combinations are dependent on the specific type of cancer, but various herbal medicines have been shown to aid nausea discomfort that is associated with chemotherapy. Ginger root and fennel seed are some of the best known herbal remedies that can help with nausea.

Additionally, teas and herbal remedies containing gingko biloba, red clover, Quercetin and turmeric have been know to support and strengthen the immune system. If you decide to utilize herbal therapies, make sure that your physician knows precisely what remedies you are taking to prevent drug interactions.

Acupuncture and Massage Therapies

Massage and acupuncture therapies can be useful in alleviating symptoms and controlling pain and nausea associated with treating cancer. These therapies may be used in conjunction with conventional therapy, or after completion of conventional therapy.


Aromatherapy has been shown to be effective in alleviating some nausea and helping with pain control after cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

Meditation Based Therapies

Meditation and yoga therapies are know to be helpful in promoting a better quality of life and personal well-being. Other mind-body alternative cancer treatment therapies could also be helpful in managing depression and other emotional problems that can result from dealing with diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


There is considerable evidence that proper diet and good nutrition can help prevent cancer from actually developing. Foods such as cruciferous vegetables and fruits which are high in antioxidants are seen to have a beneficial effect on the immune system and can slow and/or prevent the growth of cancer cells.

The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute do not recommend nutritional supplements for the prevention or treatment of cancer nor do they recognize them as an alternative cancer treatment. Instead, they strongly support a healthy, balanced diet with an emphasis on whole, raw and natural grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats, low fat and few processed foods.

These alternative cancer treatments, plus the conventional treatment that the patient should receive from their health care provider, may help to improve their long term survival rate. While not a replacement for proper cancer treatment, these alternative cancer treatments can be beneficial for the patient and their continued fight against cancer.

Submitted by:

Renee Hubbard

Renee has a weblog devoted to the science of alternative cancer treatments. You can find more information at http://alternative-cancer-treatment-advice.blogspot.com/


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