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How To Use Willpower To Cure Cancer - Articles Surfing

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life

In the Science of Being Well, Wallace D. Wattles explains how you can use the will to cure yourself of cancer. The will is not used to compel yourself to go when you are not really able to go or to do things when you are not physically strong enough to do them. You do not direct your will upon your physical body or try to compel the proper performance of internal function by will power.

You direct the will upon the mind, and use it in determining what you shall believe, what you shall think, and to what you shall give your attention. The will should never be used upon any person or thing external to you, and it should never be used upon your own body. The sole legitimate use of the will is in determining to what you shall give your attention and what you shall think about the things to which your attention is given.
All belief begins in the will to believe.

You cannot always and instantly believe what you will to believe; but you can always will to believe what you want to believe. You want to believe truth about health, and you can will to do so. The statements you have been reading in this book are the truth about health, and you can will to believe them.

This must be your first step toward getting well. If a person will think only thoughts of perfect health, he must and will cause the internal and involuntary functioning of his body to be the functioning of health, provided that his external and voluntary functioning and attitude are in accordance with his thoughts.

You cannot long have faith in health if you continue to act like a sick person. If you continue to act like a sick person, you cannot help continuing to think of yourself as a sick person. And if you continue to think of yourself as a sick person, you will continue to be a sick person.

The first step toward acting externally like a well person is to begin to act internally like a well person. Form your conception of perfect health, and get into the way of thinking about perfect health until it begins to have a definite meaning to you. Picture yourself as doing the things a strong and healthy person would do, and have faith that you can and will do those things in that way. Continue this until you have a vivid CONCEPTION of health, and what it means to you.

Think of yourself in connection with health until you form a conception of how you would live, appear, act, and do things as a perfectly healthy person.

Think about yourself in connection with health until you conceive of yourself, in imagination, as always doing everything in the manner of a well person - until the thought of health conveys the idea of what health means to you. You can form a conception of yourself as acting like a healthy person.

Remember that the great essential thing is to SEVER ALL MENTAL RELATIONS WITH DISEASE, AND TO ENTER INTO FULL MENTAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HEALTH. This is the KEY to all mental healing; it is the whole thing. Sever relations with disease, and relate fully with health. Disease as an unreal state and you must accept health by faith as a reality.

While there is no healing power in the repetition of strings of words, yet it is a very convenient thing to have the central thoughts so formulated that you can repeat them readily, and so that you can use them as affirmations whenever you are surrounded by an environment which gives you adverse suggestions. When those around you begin to talk of sickness and death, close your ears and mentally assert something like the following:

I know no disease; I am Health.

Exercise your will power in choosing only those thoughts which are thoughts of health, and arrange your environment so that it shall suggest thoughts of health. Do not have about you books, pictures, or other things which suggest death, disease, weakness, or age. Have only those which convey the ideas of health, power, joy, vitality, and youth.

Think of your conception of health, and your gratitude, and affirm as above.

Use your will power to fix your attention upon thoughts of health. Do not try to use your will to compel the healthy performance of function within you.

You can decide what things he will think about.

Submitted by:

Dr Laurence Magne

Dr Magne has been researching the origins and causes of disease and cancer for the past 25 years. Visit http://www.cancer-free-for-life.com to receive a FREE report on The 10 Ways to Cure Cancer Immediately.



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