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Cancer is a growing problem in the world and having the right diet is a great way to fight cancer if you have it, and ward off cancer if you don't. So let's take a look at some of the diet suggestions given by scientists and doctors throughout the world.

The first is to consume a diet that is low on the glycemic index. This is because cancers are evolutionary primitive cells and can only survive on glucose. So, the growth of cancer is encouraged by a high carbohydrate diet because those carbs turn into glucose. Eating foods that are low glycemic, and avoid high glycemic foods, starves the cancer cells of their fuel and slows their growth. Normal healthy cells can work very well on long- and short-chain fatty acids and protein. So if you are fine, then you do not have to eliminate such foods from your diet.

Another great source for fighting cancer is vitamin C. When cancer cells run short of a glucose supply, they upgrade the mechanism by which glucose is absorbed into the cells. This same absorption mechanism also absorbs vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly toxic to cancer cells. Vitamin C has a short half life in the blood, thus it needs to be taken in lots of small doses throughout the day. Finding easily absorbable sources of vitamin C gives the best results. So try something like the vitamin C and the nutrient-rich drink Zija.

The next important thing you can do is rid your body of growth promoters. Growth promoters occur in dairy products. They are naturally present in milk, but there may also be artificial growth promoters which are injected into cows to improve milk yields. Dairy products are a major cause of breast and prostate cancer. Insulin is a growth promoter and eating a low GI diet will reduce insulin levels; however, insulin is also produced in response to stress. Excessive stress will therefore be a risk factor for cancer.

Being overweight, can cause your body to have higher levels of hormones, particularly estrogen, and this too is a growth promoter. So, try to lose excessive weight.

Exercise is a great way to fight cancer because it helps to reduce blood sugar levels, which reduces insulin levels, and it also causes one to sweat, which gets rid of xenobiotic toxins. However, sweating gets rid of the good things as well as the bad things. So rehydrate using a mix of all minerals, such as what is found in Zija.

Sleeping well is essential to fighting cancer. Why? Well, it is during sleep that healing and repair takes place. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant. Other anti-oxidants, such as those found in Moringa oleifera are also important to have in order to fight cancer. Most cancers are generally caused by free radicals. These are highly reactive molecules with an unpaired electron so they "stick" readily to almost anything and in doing so cause damage. The body needs a series of "antioxidants", which mop up the free radicals to prevent excessive damage.

There are many natural antioxidants in foods, hence the standard advice to eat 5 portions a day of vegetables and fruit, or supplement these anti-oxidants through products containing high levels, such as Moringa oleifera, or through the health beverage Zija, as it contains many bioavailable anti-oxidants.

Vitamin D is also important to fighting cancer. It not only fights it, but is highly protective against cancer. The best source is sunshine - not so much that you burned though, as this causes free radical damage to skin. However, enough to make you tan is good. When there is no sunshine, take a vitamin D supplement because your body cannot create it on its own.

There are many ways to fight cancer besides the more aggressive forms such as chemotherapy; getting the right nutrients and micronutrients is a great start. So, if you find your diet lacking, fill in the gaps with the 100% natural, great-tasting, and great-for-you Zija!

Submitted by:

Eric Thorn

Eric Thorn, a successful businessman, highly recommends the Zija Moringa Beverage to provide your body with needed nutrients and vitamins. Visit http://www.zijapower.com to learn more.



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