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Self - Healing And Cancer: Who Heals The Cancer Patient ? - Articles Surfing

The cancer patient is unique, in many ways, from most other medical patients. For instance, if you break your leg and seek treatment, it doesn*t seem to matter whether you believe your leg will heal or not, once it is set it will heal. As we'll discover, this is a natural facet of our healing selves and applies equally to self-healing and cancer.

Cancer, like some other terminal illnesses, does depend a great deal on the attitude and beliefs of the patient. Realistically, any recovery from any illness or harm is likely to be a result of your attitude. The difference is that you*ve been told from birth that a broken leg will mend while you*ve been told that cancer is terminal and incurable.

If you are diagnosed with cancer and decide, at that point, that you*ve been handed a death sentence then you are very likely right. That belief is so strong as to be nearly unshakable. Again, this is what you*ve heard from birth and witnessed time and time again.

The biggest advance in cancer treatment will occur when people no longer believe in its incurability. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, but knows they will recover as surely as someone knows their broken leg will heal, then they will prove themselves correct. To learn how you can stop cancer in your body, read Cancer Free For Life.

This is because, ultimately, the patient does the healing. They may do it using the tools provided by a doctor, the tools provided by a homeopathic practitioner or the tools provided by their own consciousness. Regardless of the tools, however, it is the patient who uses them.

We haven*t necessarily been brought up with this theory in mind, so it's difficult for some people to embrace fully. Most doctors will agree, if pressed, that all healing occurs because of the patient, not because of the doctor or the drug.

When a chemical drug is introduced to the body, it's has to join with the cells in our body through receptor sites. Once planted in the receptor site, the cell proceeds to heal the body, not the drug.

Every drug that has been created by man has an equal, and superior, partner in the human body. We create these drugs and send them out with more precision than the finest doctor in the world.

Some people may point to the fact that we do get sick and try to dispel this theory. However, the very fact that we spend the majority of our lives healthy despite the constant presence and attack of viruses and bacteria proves it.

Succinctly put, we get sick when we are living in unnatural ways. We have introduced practices, activities, beliefs and thoughts into our bodies that nature never intended for us do. When this happens, our internal biochemistry is adversely affected and we go to a doctor. The doctor prescribes a facsimile of the chemical our body could produce on its own and we get better.

The most effective therapy would be one that induces the body to create the chemicals necessary for its own healing. Of course, the path of least resistance would be to simply adopt a lifestyle that allows our body to behave as naturally intended.

The existence of even one case of *spontaneous remission* indicates that the human body contains the ability and capacity to heal itself of cancer. As it stands, there are a great number of spontaneous remission cases. While the prevalent trend is to view these cases as abnormal, they are by design the most natural reaction to cancer.

Curing cancer is as simple (and as complex) as discovering the mechanism which prompts these spontaneous remissions and figuring out how to replicate it. Doing such will ensure that we are free from the condition and allow you to do as nature intended: heal thyself.

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Submitted by:

Dr Laurence Magne

Dr Magne specializes in spontaneous healing of cancer. With 25 years of research, she compiled all her discoveries on the causes and origins and diseases and presented them in her book Cancer Free For Life to help you speed your healing of cancer. Visit http://www.Cancer-Free-For-Life.com today for a FREE



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