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Testicular Cancer - After detecting an abnormality in or around the genital area, how many men have prayed that the abnormality would heal itself or disappear. This is not a healthy approach to cure a life threatening condition .Testicular Cancer is normally found by accident, however in contrast to any accidental discovery; unusual findings may not necessarily be of a major health concern. It is important to get up from your knees and address the health issue sooner than later. Consult your doctor - so he/she can eliminate other factors as to what the abnormality might be.

Testicular Cancer if caught in the early stage - increases your chance of beating the disease. The earlier the treatment is administered for testicular cancer, the better the odds in upping the figures in survival rates.
Cancer treatments in today`s modern society has progressed most profoundly to that of the days of yesterday, thus resulting in treatments being a success, hence giving the patient a more positive outlook on life and more importantly positive results.

Abnormalities in the groin area (enlarged testicle) have often been confused as being a hernia, even so - more reason for seeking medical attention.

"If in doubt check it out" regardless of whatever the finding may be. Common of all cancers found in young males is - cancer of the testicles. The egg shaped sex glands in the scrotum that secrete male hormones and produce sperm, account for only one percent of all cancers in men. The staggering news is that in the western world (US 1995) figures totalled up to approximately - how - seven thousand men were expected to contract the disease.

In comparison with prostate cancer - which at the time of reports released, it was estimated that this particular type of cancer would kill forty thousand four hundred of its 244,000 victims. More alarming is that - facts show that testicular cancer is more recognized in young men ageing between15 to 34. Testicular Cancer is one of the most common of all cancers suffered in male species.

With advanced medicine (therapeutic drugs) and today's society of improved diagnostics - along with your co-operation of early detection - can help prevent the disease from spreading. Testicular cancer can be beaten and is completely curable.

Accidental findings of testicular tumours can be quite frightening, but you may be worrying over something or nothing - speak to your doctor.

Regular self examination of the private parts is very important because, if you detect an odd sighting of an unusual lump - then it can be dealt with right away.

Abnormality symptoms like that of a pea, or egg size lump, (in fact any size) or enlarged swollen testicles, a feeling of heaviness or sudden flow of liquid in the scrotum, then you must consult your local GP immediately. Other symptoms similar to a dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin, or an unusual tenderness i.e. in the breasts are all conditions that need to be checked over by your physician.,

The three stages of testicular cancer explained:

First stage is where the cancer is restricted and confined to the testicle.

Second stage is where the cancer can spread to retroperitoneal lymph nodes which are situated to the rear of the body below the diaphragm. In more defined detail this is a muscular wall separating the chest cavity from the abdomen. And third of the three stages is where the disease can spread beyond the lymph nodes to remote places in the body. The key to a healthy future is to catch this disease in the infancy stage so it can be treated.

Do not be afraid or worry unnecessarily till you have spoken to your doctor.

Man is often referred to as being gutsy and "having balls", so if you want to hold onto yours - seek medical help right away.

Submitted by:

Kacy Carr

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