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The Law Of Attraction And Cancer - Articles Surfing

Discussions involving the Law of Attraction or the Secret of Attraction predominately revolve around money and wealth. However, wealth is only one aspect of life. Health is of greater daily concern to us than is wealth but it does not appear to receive the same attention.

The Law of Attraction applies to all aspects of our lives including our health. We attract our state of health just as we attract our state of wealth. This attraction is, for most people, usually by default. While we are usually cognizant of attracting good health into our lives by our activities and philosophies, we are usually totally unaware of attracting disease into our lives. Very few patients with whom I have dealt have stated initially that they knew they created their disease.

Cancer is one of the areas where I spend a lot of time with patients, families and medical staff. As I ponder the Law of Attraction, I often think about the universal focus on cancer. Cancer is a hot topic. The treatment of cancer is a hot issue. The medications for cancer treatment are an expensive issue. Newspapers, radio stations and television stations regularly carry articles and programs about some aspect of cancer. Governments feed more money into cancer research and treatment. Pharmaceutical companies develop more expensive medications for its treatment and make more and more money. Physicians specialize in its diagnosis and treatment. Treatment teams are set up to work with the cancer patient and his family. Public forums are held and even court battles are fought over one type of cancer being given preferential treatment. And the incidence of cancer continues to escalate!

Why? Why, with all the focus on cancer and the enormous amounts of money being spent, does the incidence of cancer continue to rise? With all the expensive treatments, why do people continue to have recurrence of their cancer? Why do some families appear to be magnets for the disease while others appear to be immune?

Certainly, I believe, environmental issues play a large part in the development of cancer. Genetics play a part. Lifestyle, eating habits and smoking all play a part. But what about the Law of Attraction? Does it somehow explain the increasing incidence of cancer throughout the world.

The Law of Attraction requires three steps: ask, believe and receive. According to Law of Attraction, the universe will give us exactly what we ask for. Is not the attention that we give to cancer in a way sending a message to the universe that we are asking for more (is not preparing for it asking for it?)? Is not the ongoing devotion to the business of cancer telling the universe that we believe we are ready to receive more of it. We are receiving it with open arms!

I am not suggesting that any individual wishes to have cancer. Nor am I suggesting that we should stop our research and treatment or our funding for such. That would be foolish. I do notice that very little emphasis is placed on prevention. As a society, if we were not ready to receive cancer, would we not be taking steps to get rid of the environmental and publicly promoted lifestyle and eating habits that we know contribute to cancer?

I believe the Law of Attraction adds a viable explanation to the increasing rates of cancer (as well as many other diseases) in our society. I believe it applies at both the macro level and the individual level. I expect little significant change will occur at the macro level and that it is up to each individual to apply the tenets of the Law of Attraction to their own lives to protect themselves. I do not believe our governments, industry or large institutions have the best interest of the individual in their focus. Thus we must learn to protect ourselves from these diseases by every means possible.

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I work in a medical setting with people who span the spectrum from complete happiness to total despair. I have come to appreciate how people create their own reality but seldom ever take credit for it. More information can be found at http://secretofattraction.blogspot.com.



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