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The Reality Of Self-healing Cancer - Articles Surfing

From the office of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life.

Classically speaking, we have a two-sided view of healing. There is the one that needs healing and the one who does healing. The hidden kicker in this language is simply that we make an assumption that the healer and the healed are not the same. As we'll learn, the reality of self-healing is quite different.

When we are ill, we are trained to go to a doctor. The doctor who has a spent a great deal of time and money to know more than we do about our bodies, tells us what is wrong, what will make us better and gives us a prescription. We go home, take the pills, feel better and thus*the doctor healed us.

As with most of our dual based viewpoints, this one is fundamentally incorrect. We heal ourselves, period. You can tuck the statement into purely scientific terms, stating that the doctor gave us a pill which we ingested and our body took the medication in the pill and used it to heal our illness.

You can tuck the statement into purely spiritual terms, stating that our body healed itself because we believed we would be healed, knew we would be healed, utilized the prescription as a tool for that healing and manifested a healthy body.

It doesn*t really matter how you describe the fact that your body heals itself so long as you accept the fact that the body heals itself. Accepting that fact requires accepting that the pharmaceutical creation was not the cause of the healing, it is the tool of healing.

This works in the same way that a hammer is a tool used by a craftsman to build a house. The hammer is not the reason the house was built, it is simply used by the reason the house is built. You are the reason the house is built and you are the reason your body is healed.

The question remains for many people, how do you heal yourself? The answer to that question is, simply, up to you.

The human mind cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined scenario and an actual experience. This fact has been well established for a long time and is used by high performing individuals so that they can practice their craft in their minds. The same chemicals are created and released, the same neurons fire, the same muscles respond.

Many of us, because we were never given the option, have such an incredibly vivid and real belief in the fact that antibiotics are going to cure our illness. Because we believe it in our minds, we experience in our bodies. We take the pills, we know they will work, we feel better.

Consider what often happens in a doctor's office when a patient is being treated for something like depression or ADHD. Frequently, the patient will ask for a specific prescription because they know someone who has successfully used it.

In that situation, the doctor will often attempt to explain the differences between people, why medications often affect different people in different ways, etc. The doctor may even be successful in talking the patient into trying something else.

When it doesn*t work as well as desired, the patient repeats the request for the original drug. This cycle repeats until the patient wins, receives the drug their friend has used and feels better. It doesn*t matter if it was a lack of faith in the other drugs or the increased faith in the specific drug: their belief causes this. Their beliefs, their thoughts, control the outcome of the medication on their body. Very few people will argue.

In closing, I leave you with a simple question: what would happen if you knew that you were eternally healthy with as much sincerity, belief and faith that you know that drug will work best?

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Submitted by:

Dr Laurence Magne

Dr Magne has been researching the origins and causes of disease and cancer for the past 25 years. Visit http://www.cancer-free-for-life.com to receive a FREE report on The 10 Ways to Cure Cancer Immediately.



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