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Though complete mesothelioma cure is not possible, various modes of treatment are being considered to help patients have longer prognosis or relief. Conventional treatment methods are being considered like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery though they are not very effective.

Mesothelioma, caused by asbestos exposure, is a rare kind of cancer affecting the cells around the lungs.

Its latency period is more than 30 to 40 years before symptoms start appearing. The membrane around the lungs in called the pleural cavity.

In an adult, there are two membranes which help in breathing where visceral pleura moves against the parietal pleura. In the affected patients, the cancerous tissue due to asbestos fiber deposits causes irritation of cells along with severe pain while breathing. This deposits causes formation of cancerous cells.

As the symptoms occur very late in the advanced stage. Also, prognosis is for very short period of within one or two year.

Though complete mesothelioma cure is not possible, various modes of treatment are being considered to help patients have longer prognosis or relief.

Conventional treatment methods are being considered like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery though they are not very effective. According to statistics, as much as 3,000 cases have been diagnosed every year with about 2000 deaths commonly among workers working in places where they are prone to asbestos exposure.

Mesothelioma does not have any cure till date and research is being carried out across the globe to find a suitable mesothelioma cure. The treatment for mesothelioma cure is based on various aspects such as :

* the extent of the cancer * stage of cancer

* the type of mesothelioma and the location of the cancer,

* the size of the tumor

* the places it has spread to, the cancer cell structure

* the age of the patient

* health of the patient

The survival rate is seen to improve, if the proper treatment is given to them. Combination treatments which include two or more types of treatment administered on the patient like surgery combined with radiation or chemotherapy has resulting in increase in life expectancy. Technology like CT (Computer Topography) scans have also helped doctors in getting three-dimensional images of the body's internal organs of the patient so that chemotherapy or radiation therapy to be given successfully.

Very recently, in January 2007, new breakthrough in mesothelioma cure was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This was the MESOMARK blood test to examine the treatment in epithelial and bi-phasic malignant mesothelioma patients.

A protein, Soluble Mesothelin-Related Peptide (SMRP), is released by the cancerous cells of mesothelioma into the blood which can be measured in blood samples to check the extent of mesothelioma cure in patients.

It has been also approved by HUD, Humanitarian Use Device, so that doctors can use this treatment for mesothelioma cure by following certain specific procedures. This form of test is however, not approved for health insurance so it is considered expensive.

Another innovative technique includes combining surgery with providing intracavity heated chemotherapeutic agents which has lesser side-effects as compared to chemotherapy. Here heated chemotherapeutic agents are given directly to the area affected by the cancer during the process of surgery leading to the killing of any cancer cells still remaining after surgery.

Each case for methothelioma cure needs to be taken as a specific one and administered treatment as there is not correct or wrong treatment for the disease. Diagonsis can be done through x-ray, MRI scan, CT scan or biopsies. Mesothelioma cure is seen to be better among people who undergo traditional care which includes surgery where the part affected by the cancer is removed, chemotherapy where drug is used to fight against the disease as well as radiation therapy where high-dosage of radiation or x-rays are given to kill the cells affected by cancer.

With the awareness about mesothelioma increasing, mesothelioma cure has become a focus area among scientific research. Many successful treatment programs along with clinical trails are being considered to eliminate this deadly disease completely. As there is no cure for this disease, curative treatment includes removing the cancerous part from the body is considered, but there are chances of the disease recurring.

Submitted by:

Adia O'hara




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