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Avoid This Attitude If You Want Your Career To Prosper

If you're like me, you're serious about career development. Now this doesn't necessarily mean enrolling in graduate school and handing over thousands of dollars to earn a new qualification. But you'll probably agree that some sort of investment is required to learn, evolve and advance in your career.

Taking courses or enrolling in college programs notwithstanding, I sincerely think that continuing your informal education should be a core part of your personal career development. That means reading books, newsletters, journals and other publications, attending seminars and workshops, participating in mastermind groups... and even going onto the Internet to read articles like this one!. In fact, if there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that you should always be looking for opportunities to learn, and that this is critical to your career development.

Which leads me to point out the attitude or point of view that will almost certainly bring your career development to a stand-still:
the view that you already "know all that". In fact, is it any surprise that those people who say they "know all that" are typically NOT the people who are actually DOING what they apparently know all about? Whereas the true masters of a given field, freely say that they're always learning?

The choice is yours - you can decide that you already know all there is to know... and wonder why your career development has come to a halt. Or you can decide that there is always something more to learn, invest in your education, and enjoy ongoing career develoment. Pretty obvious which is the best option, isn't it? But, really, being willing to learn is not just essential for your career prospects, but it's also important for getting the most you can out of life. In fact, it's almost the definition of life, since living is about growing, and growing relies on learning.

As an example, take the case of hairdresser who has spent 15 years cutting and styling people's hair. You might think that by the 15-year mark this hairdresser would know what there is to know about hairdressing. But new fashions and trends indicate the very opposite: there are new techniques, styles, products and hairstyling tools being invented - and to be learned - all the time.

It follows that a hairdresser who was serious about their career development would constantly be reading the latest hairdressing trade magazines, attending hairdressing conferences and shows, and be attempting new techniques, styles, products and tools.

And that's why my hairdresser continues to learn and build her skills. Doing so has not only made hairdressing a challenging and vibrant career for her, but it has also enabled her to reach a point where she can charge more than double what the average hairdresser can charge. All because she continues to develop herself. Meanwhile, the average suburban hairdresser thinks they know all there is to know about cutting and styling hair, and wonders why they don't get paid more and work better hours...

Therefore, be done with the belief that you know all there is to know and, instead, embrace new learning opportunities. That's how you'll continue to evolve and grow.

Submitted by:

Anna Johnson

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