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When applying for an Internship it is important to stand out amongst the crowd. Remember Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and her pink paper resume? While that is just a movie, and colored paper is not recommended, the concept is still the same-- Be unique and get their attention. A passionate, and focused cover letter is the key to getting that desired Internship. An internship cover letter should reflect the potential one had has. Most people who apply for an Internship do not have resumes filled with career related experience. It is the cover letter which is going to be the deciding factor.

It is tempting to simply use a standard cover letter, and then adapt it for the Intern position one is applying for. However, this is only going to cause the cover letter to be lost in the mass. One has to go the extra mile in order to secure the Internship they are seeking. One way to do this is by doing research. One should find out the name of the individual whom makes the decision. If a cover letter begins with *To Mr. Smith*, as oppose to *Dear Sir/Madam*, then it is going to be remembered from the start. Doing this on one's cover letter is going to demonstrate to the employer that they are a candidate who truly wants the position, and will make a great addition to the team, instead of just a nameless, faceless individual whom is not going to invest themselves in the job.

Another great tip for an Intern cover letter is performing research on the company. If a cover letter includes information about the company, and the applicant uses that cover letter to share how the company information affects the individual, an employer is going to be impressed. For example, one may write in their cover letter that the company has produced product A, and B for Y amount of years. Then the Intern can relay their experience with the product, and why they want to support a company who makes it. A cover letter which demonstrates personality, and creativity, is more likely to be noticed than one who simply states *I would like this Intern. I am qualified because...* in so many words.

An Intern cover letter also has to show an applicant's attitude, and communication skills. If a cover letter reflects a well thought out structure, and an innovative approach, then the proof of a potential Intern's qualifications are in the pudding!

One of the aspects a cover letter usually lacks, especially for an Intern, is being straight forward. In the past, people have been encouraged not to come across as too forward. A cover letter was recommended to be as passive-aggressive as possible. However, in the current competitive field it is important to be aggressive. An Intern cover letter should come right out and ask for an interview. After all, that is the whole purpose of writing a cover letter right? Aggressive is not a dirty word anymore, and most companies see this in a positive light. If one's cover letter is confident, and a clear declaration, then they are classified as a *go-getter*.

Writing an Intern cover letter is hard work. Exactly, it is hard word. Just like the position one is applying for. One is going to be expected to work hard in their desired position, and therefore, working hard to get that desired position is needed. While using a sample cover letter from the Internet, or writing one standard cover letter and adapting it for each individual job, is easier; the bottom line is that the cover letter is not going to get the job done. No employer wants an Intern whom is going through the motions. An employer wants an Intern whom is going to give 110% to the company. There is no reason for that percentage to not be applied before the job even begins.

With a little extra work, and letting one's self be unleashed, the prospect of that Internship is not going to see so difficult. In fact, if one follows these tips for writing an Intern cover letter, the results are going to be more favorable and perhaps even generate more excitement. If one is excited, and passionate, then the cover letter is going to reflect that and the employer is going to sense it. Then they are going to be excited, and passionate, about hiring the cover letter writer!

Submitted by:

Mario Churchill

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on cover letter for internship checkout his recommended websites.



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