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Did you know that our minds can think up to 60,000 thoughts in a day? Did that question get you thinking? What about that one?!!! Your unconscious mind will have begun searching back into your *database* to see if you know the answer.

This is what makes questions so powerful, you ask and your mind starts a search for the answer. So if you truly want an answer to a challenging situation or because you have to make a decision then question yourself for the answer. You are the only one who truly has it!

The main thing to realise here is that 9 times out of 10 you will already know the answer. Oh you may kid yourself that you *don*t know* or *can*t remember* but as you tap into the results that asking questions can provide you will begin to use your inner personal power to help you achieve success.

Even though we may think up to 60,000 thoughts in a day, more often than not they are the same thoughts, over and over, using less than 10% of your brain! Unfortunately, most of the questions are also negative or fear-based.

So how do I teach myself to access and use the other 90% of my brain? Great question! And the answer? Ask the right question!
Do you know why questions are so important? Well because your brain is wired to answer them! The asking of questions instantly gets you searching for an answer, setting up a solution-focused outcome.

This happens EVERY TIME you ask a question. Think about it, have you ever asked yourself *What should I wear today?* then not given yourself an answer! As soon as you ask yourself that question your mind begins to search for what clothes are available, whether that red skirt you want to wear is still waiting to be washed. Your mind goes off on a search to answer the question for you resulting in you leaving the house wearing what you want to wear.

When doesn*t your brain search for a solution? Well actually it always does, but there is a way to limit the use of your mind. How? Provide it with a *put on the brakes* answer to your question.
How do I do that? By using phrases such as *I don*t know* or *I*m not sure*. The number one *get yourself off the hook quick* solution to killing your creative mind!

How do I know I am asking the *right* question? First there is no right or wrong question! The word *right* is there to pacify your conscious mind. If you know there is a right question you know you are doing it right so you won*t be doing it wrong, so you won*t fail* boy are we hard on ourselves or what!

Whatever question you ask will lead you to think about a solution or possible answer and then search for another question if you need further clarification.

So what I am saying here is every question you ask yourself is the right one. If it is not providing you with an answer just change the question, but quite thinking you are doing it wrong because you have not received the answer you want!

Also remember, there is no wrong question. There are just questions that may need re-wording so your answer remains positive, and this will come with practise.

You can limit the number of questions you need to ask yourself by thinking about:

What do I need to know?
What outcome do I want to achieve?
What is it you are solving or finding out about by asking the question?
What would be really useful to ask right now?

What if I usually ask negative questions? Just decide it is time to do something different. It's your choice. Make the decision that whenever you ask a negative question you will turn it around as soon as you have become aware of what you said.

If you keep a journal or diary make a note of negative questions or thoughts and write them down so that you become consciously aware of them. Doing this will help you to recognise them faster as you go to say them.

Questions that create bad feelings and stress include:

How could this person do this to me?
Why have you not sorted this out already?
How many times have I asked you to deal with this?
Why do we not have this in place already to deal with it?
Why should I deal with this?
How could you get yourself into this position?

How does it feel just reading these questions? This way of thinking will drain your energy and has the potential to leave the person you are questioning feeling powerless.

But, to find the one positive intention here: in order to think these questions, you have to be making a comparison with something you DO actually want*.or it wouldn*t be a problem.
So if you find yourself thinking about a negative question ask yourself, *What do I want to happen?* then frame your question based on this new perspective.

Here is a list of empowering questions to start you off and I encourage you to find your own. Questions are so much more powerful when we have created them ourselves.

Who can help me achieve my outcome?
What is great about this?
What can I learn from this to ensure I grow and develop?
What other support is available for me?
What action do I need to take to ensure I overcome this?
What will I do differently next time?
How many resources do I have available to help me?
What is really funny about this situation that I haven't noticed before?
What decisions do I need to make?
Who can I consult to help me make those decisions?
What am I willing to begin doing now (or stop doing now) to ensure a successful outcome?

How was that for you? Have you noticed how different it feels inside just reading these questions? Did they uplift you, or make you feel as though you can find the solution you need?

These positive questions start engaging your higher mind, and your creativity providing new solutions, focusing your intention and making you more determined to succeed.

Submitted by:

Diane Corriette

Diane Corriette runs the Personal Growth Podcast Directory at http://www.personalgrowthpodcastdirectory.com and Women Internet Marketers at http://www.women-internet-marketers.com



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