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After a couple of times eating foods cooked on an outside grill, people are hooked. They can not get enough of that wonderful flavor, easy preparation and the mess free cleanup. Grilling is effective for serving a great meal to several friends or a large family. It saves the kitchen and gives couples a chance to cook together for a change, instead of one preparing dinner alone!

Best Grilling Foods

If it can be cooked inside on the stove or in the oven it can also be grilled outdoors. Granted a few changes must be made, but it is definitely possible. For many that have always cooked their steak by broiling or frying they never realize the true flavor and taste of a grilled steak. There is nothing any better, well that is unless you have grilled the veggies to go along with the meal. Steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, vegetables and fish are just a few to name that can be prepared on the grill for a perfect meal. There are many recipes that can be found on the internet and in cookbooks that give great recipes for outdoor grilling.

Preparing The Meat

One of the secrets to outdoor grilling is the preparation of the meat beforehand. Though the actual cook time is generally shorter in this manner of preparation the marinating can be time consuming. It is not difficult to marinate the meat and/or vegetables, but sometimes the recipe may call for a twenty-four or forty-eight hour marinating process. Most">All marinating means is soaking the meat and vegetables in a prepared sauce of seasoning and other ingredients that will tenderize as well as flavor the meat. By sitting in this mixture it allows the meat to absorb the flavor and taste wonderful after hitting the grill. There are several types of marinade and some cooks even devise their own seasoning depending on the type of meat that they are preparing! Some of the most common marinades are barbeque sauce, garlic, onion, and tomatoes as well as many others. Experiment * as that is the beauty of grilling.

Grilling Equipment

There are a few things that any grilling chef must remember when cooking outdoors. Grilling can be fun and an easier method of cooking, but there are some very important tips to keep everyone safe. The goal is to prepare a wonderful meal, not end up in the ER with a burn! The appropriate grilling utensils should always be handy to prevent getting too close to the open flame. One of the leading problems with grilling is the fact that the cook gets burned from a flare up or not having a long enough utensil. Grilling utensils can be purchased at just about any hardware or discount store, and is well worth the money.

The grill itself should always be inspected to ensure proper working. Grilling chefs should always keep their grill away from any flammable materials and keep it a safe distance from other items. One must remember that a grill is an open flame and can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. Maintaining the grill is also important to the health and effectiveness of cooking the food. The grill should always be cleaned and inspected for debris on the grilling rack before any food is placed on it. Cleaning the grill rack with a wire brush is a good idea to remove any caked on grease or other build up, but be sure that there are no bristles or anything else that could get on the food. This can be extremely dangerous, so always inspect before cooking.

Flare ups are something that must be addressed in grilling food also. Flare-ups happen with liquid such as grease or the marinade sauce drips onto the open flame, causing the fire to *flare up*. This can be avoided by draining the marinade or purchasing the better cut of beef with less fat. Every precaution should be taken to ensure the safety of the individual grilling the food. While flare-ups are unavoidable all together they can definitely be kept to a minimum.

Another thing to consider before grilling is to ensure that there is enough propane to finish the grilling session. Some grilling chefs will keep an extra propane bottle because of this. There is nothing anymore frustrating than getting half way through the grilling session and running out of propane! That is definitely the downside to grilling, but can easily be avoided with a bit of preparation.

Grilling is an excellent way to prepare a great meal. Grilling is one of the favorite meals of entertaining guests or hosting fundraisers. It is easy and almost everyone loves the food!

Submitted by:

Gene Grzywacz

Please visit Gene's lenses for free cookbooks and if you eat too much garlic see his lens on bad breath.



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